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The Edith Langley Barrett Art Gallery at Utica College is an interdisciplinary laboratory for the development of visual communication, critical analysis, and reasoning skills. The gallery presents four exhibitions of local, regional, and national artists each academic year. 

(315) 792-3028
286 Gordon Science Center
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The Biology Department is a community of scientists where a passion for learning and teaching, hard work, positive attitudes, and a love of science are valued. Biology students at Utica College learn about science by becoming active scientists.


(315) 792-3179
117 Hubbard Hall
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The Center for Student Success serves every student on campus through an individualized Academic Care Team that's ready to assist with Success Coaching and Financial Aid Counseling. To speak with your Financial Aid Counselor or Student Accounts Coordinator, please call 315-792-3179.

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191 Gordon Science Center
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The Utica College computer science department follows a curriculum recommended by the Association for Computing Machinery. ACM is the oldest organization of computer professionals and establishes the guidelines used by most colleges.

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206 ECJS Building
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Utica College Criminal Justice Department combines a solid foundation in core academics with a practical learning approach emphasizing research, technology, and real-world professional experiences. 


(315) 223-2559
ECJSC Building, Room 102
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The Department of Economic Crime, Justice Studies, and Cybersecurity hosts a suite of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as research centers and the Economic Crime and Cybersecurity Institute. Our faculty is truly interdisciplinary and has advanced degrees in business, computer science, criminology, education, electrical engineering, history and policy, and law.

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310 Romano Hall
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The English Department at Utica College helps students develop an understanding of the relationship between English and the diverse cultural traditions around the world through the study of literature, the history and structure of the English language, and various aspects of writing.


(315) 223-2578
102 DePerno Hall
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The study of Foreign Languages will suit those students whose future endeavors will have them working with a non-English speaking population, be it in the health services, education, social services, counseling or journalism, to name just a few.

(315) 792-3028
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Utica College offers programs in the study of French and Spanish languages, literature and cultures. Language students at UC will learn to make connections between their chosen discipline and other disciplines within the liberal arts tradition and in the world beyond the College, including professional aspirations.