Leadership Programs at Utica College

Leadership Programs at Utica College


"If your actions inspire others,
     to dream more, learn more,
                do more, and become more...
          You ARE a leader."

-John Quincy Adams

Utica College offers all students the chance to learn more about themselves and how they can make an impact in their community. By developing basic leadership knowledge and skills, students will positively contribute to their own and each other's development, gaining respect for each other and others.meese

Learning/Development Programs

We welcome any student to take advantage of leadership development and skill building programs on campus.

Positional Leaders

Leadership is not just positional; you can act as a leader without holding a formal position.  However, Utica College does offer lots of positional opportunities for students to be leaders within the campus community.  Each position comes with special training programs which enhance students' knowledge and give them a chance to practice skills in real world applications.  Here are a few of the training programs we provide.

See also The Leadership Institute, a research organization for the health professions field.

Contact Us

Bethany A VanBenschoten

Bethany A VanBenschoten

Assistant Director for Leadership Development
205 Strebel Student Center
1600 Burrstone Road
3157923126 (fax)

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