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UC Identification Cards

All types of IDs can be produced during regular business hours. Most of the cards we produce require a photo ID to be taken, which is done in the office. We do not accept previous photos taken elsewhere. We can produce the card in about 3-5 minutes. The ID card is required to use the Gannett Library, Clark Athletic Center and other College facilities. In addition, the ID card can be assigned building access and serves as a meal card for those who purchase a meal plan from Sodexo Dining Services. Loss of a card should be reported immediately to the Campus Safety Office. Holes in cards render them invalid, unless the hole is punched with the ID hole puncher and is used for an ID clip. When getting a card, we reserve the right to ask for another form of picture identification or your birth date in order to verify identification. The listings below are the types of cards offered.

Student IDs

All full time and part time students must have a valid UC student ID card. The card is the official College identification for students and should be carried at all times. Students must present their UC ID to any College official (e.g., Safety Officers, Residence Life staff, etc.) upon request. If at any time a students is found to have another student's ID card in their possession for any reason, they are subject to the Utica College Student Conduct Process and the card will be confiscated. A fee of $20.00 is charged to your student tuition account for a replacement card. Damaged cards will be replaced at no charge if the pieces are returned.

On-Line IDs

On-Line students can click HERE to request an online ID be mailed to their homes. These IDs do not require pictures. Any online student can come to campus and get an ID with a picture if they wish, as long as they are on campus during regular business hours.

Faculty IDs

All full time and part time faculty as well as adjunct faculty are expected to hold ID cards. These cards also can hold access privileges to campus buildings as well as meal plan programs if the faculty member wished to purchase a plan from Sodexo Dining Services. The office also prints special cards for retired faculty and Faculty Emeriti. Please inquire about these special cards through the academic offices.

Staff IDs

All staff persons are also expected to hold ID cards and can have access and meal services on their cards. In addition to staff persons who work for Utica College, those staff persons that are not directly hired by UC (e.g., Morris Officers, Sodexo staff, Bookstore staff, Interpretek, Facilities/Maintenance and some other contracted employees) are also eligible to receive staff cards and use facilities open for UC staff use as well. The office also prints special cards for retired staff members. Please inquire about these special cards through the academic offices.

Fieldwork IDs

Certain academic majors require their students to participate in fieldwork services and such students should be identified as Utica College students whenever working at fieldwork sites. Fieldwork badges are $2.00 each and are available for the OT, PT, Nursing, Psych-Child Life, and Education programs. There are separate fieldwork badges for student teachers. Fieldwork badges are also available for faculty fieldwork supervisors.

Athletic Center IDs for Guests of Faculty and Staff

UC faculty and staff members are allowed to have up to three guests under their name in order to use the Clark Athletic Facilities. To request access cards for these guests, please use the form HERE. Children 15 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times and therefore do not need their own ID cards.

Work-Study/Office Badges

Certain offices can request that their students wear work-study identification badges. These do not hold access privileges; they are for identification purposes only. Offices that have badges include WPNR, Math/Science/Writing Centers, IITS, Help Desk, ResNet, Library, Media Center, Networking, Orientation, Theater Tech Booth, and Student Health Center. To request work-study badges for your office, a staff member must send the work study students' names and Banner ID numbers to

Community IDs

Community IDs are produced for entities which have a pre-arranged agreement with campus offices for their staff to use Utica College facilities, such as the UC Aquatics Club, Pool Pals/Aqua Buddies, Whitesboro Swim, and The House of the Good Shepherd. To receive access badges, please first contact the office with which your company has a pre-arranged agreement.

Special Circumstances

The Office also produces identification cards for specialized individuals, such as Alumni, Board of Trustee members, Academic Affairs guests, Admissions Tour access, Commencement Press Passes and Staff Emergency Contact Cards. If you are in need of one of these types of cards, please contact


Wayne Sullivan
Director of Campus Safety
Strebel Student Center

(315) 792-3201
(315) 792-3006
1600 Burrstone Road | Utica, NY 13502