Developing Your Grant Proposal


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Developing Your Proposal


Discuss proposal plans with your Department Head, School Dean, and grant officers well in advance of the proposal deadline to be sure it is consistent with departmental/school priorities and plans. Be sure to discuss course releases and program cost-sharing/matching requirements, if any.

If there is preliminary agreement on the concept:

The grant officer can begin a search for potential sources of funding. If one or more sources have already been identified, discuss those with the grant officer to avoid submitting proposals that conflict with efforts already underway.

Obtain the approval signatures of the Department Chair, School Dean/Head of Administrative Division, as appropriate, and the Provost or his/her designee. Send the original signed form to the grant officer. The Utica College Grant Proposal Approval Form is available here.

a.) If the project includes research and/or testing of human or animal subjects
, contact the College’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) for additional review and approval.

b.) Requirements for matching funds or cost sharing
, including in-kind contributions, must be approved in advance by the Department Chair, School Dean/Head of Administrative Division, as appropriate, and the Provost or his/her designee.

c.) Be sure to complete and sign the disclosure form to comply with Utica College's policy on Financial Conflicts of Interest for Externally Sponsored Projects.
Attach the disclosure form to the Utica College Grant Proposal Approval Form. This important step helps the College identify and manage, reduce, or eliminate conflicting financial interests in the design, conduct, or reporting of research or other projects funded by external sources. Be sure to read this policy. (A copy of the policy may be obtained from the Grant Officers, listed above.)

The grant officers can assist with editorial and budget support and with other required supplementary materials. As you plan your draft, visit the Utica College Grant Information and Utica College Description (Boilerplate) sections in this site. (Note: the boilerplate description may be adapted to address the special needs of your proposal.) Please consult the Utica College Comprehensive Grants Manual for additional direction.

Send the project narrative to the Provost or his/her designee for review and approval. Send the project budget to the Academic Financial Analyst for review and approval. The approved project narrative, budget, and other materials as may be required (CVs, timelines, position descriptions, other) should be sent to the grant officer at least four business days before the due date for the grant application. The grant officer will review the narrative, budget and other information for clarity, completeness, and consistency with the grant maker’s proposal submission guidelines.


Fringe benefits:
If the grant request includes a salary, it is the College’s policy to include fringe benefits using the rate in effect at the time the proposal is submitted. Contact the grant officer to confirm the College’s current fringe benefit rate and how it should be applied.

Indirect costs:
Indirect or overhead costs are awarded to compensate the College for indirect, but real, operating expenditures, including heat, electricity, and other facilities and administrative costs. It is the College’s policy to recover the full amount of indirect costs allowable. The College periodically negotiates a federal indirect cost reimbursement rate with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Contact the grant officer to verify the current rate and how it should be applied.

For other salary considerations that may apply to a grant-supported project, contact the Office of Academic Affairs for guidance.

Utica College

Proposal Submission

Utica College has authorized the Executive Director of Government, Corporate, and Foundation Relations, Amy Lindner, to submit proposals on its behalf. The grant proposal may be submitted after all required materials have been received in the OCFGP and all grant maker guidelines have been addressed.

Utica College

Post-Award Management

Received an award?

Congratulations! Now it’s time to begin the post-award process. This includes managing both your project and the grant dollars awarded to you under the terms of the grant agreement.

Post-Award Policies and Processes:

There are processes in place to help you conduct and manage your project and the grant dollars awarded. For information and guidance about the processes that apply from award acceptance to project close-out, please contact the Office of Financial Affairs:

Contact: Karen R. Conron Chamberlain
Financial Analyst
(315) 792-3194

Contact: Ann McGowan
Assistant Controller - Reporting & Analysis
(315) 792-3270

Acknowledging a grant award

To ensure accurate reporting and stewardship of grant awards
, Granting Letters and Notices of Award should be forwarded to the grant officer (Office of Advancement).


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