Major in Communication and Media

Major in Communication and Media

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You know that communication is a powerful part of human interaction. You’re fascinated by the many ways we share information in today’s digital world. You want an education that offers a multitude of career possibilities. Communication and Media may be the major for you.


Degree Options (BA and BS)



Why UC?

One of UC’s newest academic offerings, Communication and Media combines elements of the college’s longstanding journalism, communication arts, theatre, and public relations programs to explore the information we share and the way we share it. Students will develop skills to discover, understand, and report information, and the knowledge to analyze the power of written, oral, and digital media. A common core of courses taught by expert faculty, combined with courses in a chosen concentration, provides graduates with both the specialized and essential communication skills necessary to excel in today’s top fields.

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What You’ll Learn

The Communication and Media curriculum helps students develop a deep understanding of historical, legal, cultural, and critical aspects of communication. Graduates will have the ability to write and speak logically, clearly, and precisely on a professional level, as well as to contextualize and criticize aspects of contemporary culture. In keeping with digital media trends, students will learn how to utilize multimedia technology to produce and share compelling information.

As part of the Communication and Media major, students work closely with an adviser to select a concentration in one of these areas:

  • Communication Arts
  • Communication and Social Justice
  • Creativity Studies
  • Health Communication
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Sports Journalism
  • Sports Communication Public Relations
  • Theatre
Depending on the chosen concentration, a student may earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Students are encouraged to explore areas outside their concentration through major electives.

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"In my classes, I’ve learned how to give a speech, write and speak effectively, and connect with my audience. But more important, I’ve developed confidence and leadership skills that will benefit me in my career and my everyday life."


Kathleen Arcuri '17
Communication Arts


Student Media and Organizations
Student Projects



New York Reporting Project
Performing and Fine Arts
The Tangerine
Utica Watchdog Reporting
Ray Simon Institute

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A Degree that Works

For graduates of the Communication and Media program, career opportunities are almost limitless.  Students are prepared success in a diverse range of professions, including journalism (print and broadcast), marketing, publishing, government, business, human services, and more.

Program combines intensive classroom learning with practical field experience.

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