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Utica College's business and economics faculty are nationally and internationally recognized for their scholarly accomplishments as well as for their real-world business experience. Collectively they represent a wide range of expertise and research interests, including health care financing, public school aid formulas, banking, and managing change.

At the same time, at Utica College, teaching is the faculty's first priority. Small classes provide opportunities for close interaction between and among faculty and students, and the relationships students form with their professors often last a lifetime.

The overwhelming majority of faculty are doctorally trained; several additionally hold an M.B.A. Faculty regularly share their expertise by serving as members of professional organizations, presenting at scholarly conferences, and consulting with local businesses and government agencies. These connections help faculty develop internship opportunities for students, and also serve as networking resources for UC graduates seeking employment.

The faculty's scholarly accomplishments, professional experiences, and academic credentials combine to provide students majoring in business and economics programs with a dynamic and fulfilling learning experience both inside and outside the classroom.

Dr. Atasi Basu , Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Accounting

Assistant Professor of Accounting
Phone: (315) 792-3167
Office: 181 Genesee Street, Suite 507


Professor Basu is an Associate Professor of Accounting. Professor Basu joined the UC faculty in 2005. She earned a Ph.D. in accounting from Syracuse University, as well as both a master's and a Ph.D. in statistics from Indian Statistical Institute in Kolkata, India. The author of numerous articles in statistics and business journals, Professor Basu has previously taught at SU, LeMoyne College, Purdue University, and the Indian Institute of Technology. She currently sits on the Professional Development Committee.

Professor Basu’s primary research interests are (1) financial meltdown effects on consumer discretionary sector, (2) allocation of service department costs, (3) retail competition on Salop circle, and (4) the effects on budgets as demand fluctuates.

She recently completed the paper titled ”Retail Competition on Salop Circle under Linear Demand” jointly with A.K. Basu and C.A. Ingene. Parts of this paper were presented by A.K. Basu at the BBCRST Conference at Rochester University in April 2016, the Informs Marketing Science Conference, Shanghai, China, June 16-18, 2016, the North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International, Minneapolis, November 9-12, 2016, and the Informs Marketing Science Conference, Los Angeles, June 8-10, 2017. We plan to submit the paper to the journal “Marketing Science” in November 2017.

She is working on the paper “Impact of Financial Meltdown on Consumer Discretionary Sector”, presented at the Business Research Consortium on April 16, 2016. Her recent Peer-Reviewed publications include:

  • “A study of Environmental Capital expenditures and TRI in Petroleum Refining Industry” coauthored with James B. Heian, International Research Journal of Global Business Development, Vol.1, No.1, 35- 40, 2012.
  • “Reported Earnings, Auditor’s Opinion, and Compensation: Theory and Evidence” coauthored with Randal Elder and Mohamed Onsi, Accounting and Business Research, Vol.42, Issue 1, 29-48, 2012.
  • “A study of Environmental Capital expenditures and TRI” International Journal of Global Business and Economics, Vol.3, No.1, 136-143, 2010.
  • “Corporate Environmental Performance: A Proposal for Standards” Journal of Global Business Development, Vol. 2, No.1, 155-162, 2009.

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