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Tutorial Services

Utica.edu/tutoring will be updated at the beginning of the fall 2018 semester. 

Current tutoring support offered during the summer 2018 session are Smarthinking (www.utica.edu/smarthinking) and professional distance nursing tutoring.

Tutorial Services are free of charge to all Utica College undergraduate students and are coordinated through the Office of Opportunity Programs. Tutor request forms and other tutoring forms are available online using the links to the left.

Requests are filled depending on the availability of tutors, and every attempt is made to assign tutors as quickly as possible. As tutors become available assignments can be made within a week. Click here to see what happens when a student submits a request for a peer tutor.

The Coordinator of Tutorial Services is in constant contact with professors to identify potential tutors, to monitor the progress of tutees, and also to offer alternatives to students requesting tutors if no tutors are available. Students requesting tutors should allow a minimum of two weeks before inquiring about the status of their request.

Additionally, peer tutors work with individual students on issues such as time management, test taking, and study strategies.

For more information, contact:
Kimberly Etman
Tutorial Coordinator
109 Hubbard Hall

Individual Peer Tutoring

About Requesting and Working With an Individual Peer Tutor


Before requesting a peer tutor, it is strongly encouraged that you meet with your professor to discuss your progress in the class. Your professor will be able to offer suggestions for improvement so that you can get the most out of your tutoring sessions!

Check your course syllabus for your professor's office hours and plan to attend
weekly, especially if you are struggling in the class.

Individual Peer Tutoring is free of charge to all Utica College undergraduate students. 

Graduate Students

For first year graduate courses, peer tutors are provided when a qualified current student can be recruited, hired and trained. For upper level graduate courses, every attempt is made to find a tutor however it is likely that all qualified students will have graduated from Utica College. 

About Individual Peer Tutoring

Tutees must request a tutor for each course separately.

Once matched, the tutor will contact the tutee within 48 hours of assignment to set up a meeting time.

The tutor and the tutee are required to meet on a weekly basis in order to continue the tutoring assignment. If the tutee determines that he/she no longer needs weekly meetings, he/she will be directed to other campus tutoring resources.

Cancelling Sessions: If a tutee needs to cancel a session, he/she must cancel it by 5:00pm the day before the session is scheduled to take place by emailing his/her tutor directly and copying tutoring@utica.edu on the email. 

If the tutee misses or cancels too many sessions, he/she may be ineligible for tutoring in that course for the remainder of the semester.

Online Students: Online students must be able to meet at the UC main campus in Utica, NY in order to utilize this service. 

Peer Tutor Request Requirement: All students requesting a peer tutor will be required to complete this activity (click for activity) before they will be assigned a peer tutor. Students are encouraged to complete this before submitting their request for a peer tutor. 

Want to request a specific tutor?: Check here to get to know the team of UC peer tutors and to make sure he/she has availability to work with additional students.


After Monday, April 2, 2018, new peer tutors will not be hired for the remainder of the spring 2018 semester. If there is an available peer tutor already on staff, you will be assigned a tutor to fill your request.

Additional Tutoring Resources

Professional, Group Tutors & Drop-In Tutoring
Open to All Students

Course/Subject Tutor Availability - No Appointment Needed
ACC 201 TBD 
BIO 102 TBD 
BIO 102 TBD 
BIO 102 TBD  
BIO 211/212 TBD 
CHE 212 TBD 
CSC 118 TBD 
CSC 102 TBD 
ECN 131 TBD 
JPN 102 TBD 
Math & Science Center  Peer Tutors  Visit the Math & Science Center in the library, 1st floor for the tutor schedule. Questions? Email rcraig@utica.edu. For more information: http://www.utica.edu/academic/as/math_sci_center/
MAT 100, 124 TBD  
MAT 107 TBD  
MAT 107 TBD  
MAT 112 TBD 
MAT 124 TBD 
MAT 143 TBD 
MAT 151/201/202 TBD  
Math (All Levels) TBD 
Nursing Kassandra Giglio 
(Professional Tutor)
Click to view schedule. 
Updated for Summer 2018!
Physics TBD 
Physics TBD 
Writing Center    Visit http://www.utica.edu/academic/as/writingcenter/ for the tutor schedule and for more information. Questions? Email wcenter@utica.edu

The Drop-In Tutor Table
The Tutor Table is located in the Learning Commons (Gannett Library, 1st Floor). Peer tutors are staffed Monday-Friday in a variety of content areas for walk-up tutoring help.

No appointment is needed.
Drop-In Tutor Table Schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

To Be a Peer Tutor

Want to Become a Peer Tutor?
Click here to submit your application.

For more information contact, Tutorial Services at (315) 792-3209, tutoring@utica.edu

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Tutoring Services

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