Johnni F. Mahdi
Director of Opportunity Programs

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Opportunity Programs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I apply for the Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)?
Q: Is HEOP only for minority students?
Q: What determines if I’m HEOP eligible?
Q: How is it that my sibling qualified for HEOP support but I don't, even though our household size and income have remained constant?
Q: When will a decision be made about my application?
Q: Now that I’ve been accepted HEOP, will I (or my family) have to provide any money in order to attend your College?
Q: What does a typical HEOP freshman financial aid award package look like?
Q: Interviewing with the Admissions Staff is not required by Utica College for general admission candidates. Is this true for HEOP applicants?
Q: If I change my major causing me to have to stay in college for more than four years, will HEOP pay for my courses?
Q: I would like to graduate early; will HEOP pay for summer school?
Q: Why didn't I get into HEOP when I transferred from my other college and was accepted into Utica College?
Q: When I first started college, I was not aware of HEOP but I know I would have qualified. Can I apply now?
Q: Do I HAVE to attend Summer Institute?

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