UC Alumni/Student Mentoring Program

UC Alumni/Student Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program is intended to provide current students of all majors and class standings with the ability to connect with Utica College alumni and receive mentorship to make informed career decisions.  By accessing alumni’s valuable career experience and occupational knowledge, students will enhance their own career development by understanding the relationship between coursework, experiential education, networking, personal traits, and career.  Likewise, students will have the opportunity to expand their understanding of career through the guidance and advice of mentors in areas of current professional trends, market conditions, career tracks, opportunities for advancement, and much more.

Before requesting to join the Mentoring Program, please review the guidelines.

Utica College Alumni/Student Mentoring Guidelines:

Practicing Professional Etiquette:

As representatives of Utica College, alumni and students participating in the Mentoring Program must observe and demonstrate appropriate professional etiquette at all times, whether connecting with online or in person. This includes:

1. Maintaining a professional presence on LinkedIn.com profiles (see section below)

2. Using professional language and tone when interacting with one another

3. Following through with mentees in a timely fashion and exercising punctuality in the case of a meeting, shadowing opportunity, informational interview, etc.

4. Dressing professionally or otherwise appropriately in the case of a meeting, shadowing opportunity, informational interview, etc.

5. Demonstrating appropriateness during and after the mentoring experience

Although LinkedIn.com’s site does support job search features, it is important to understand that the Mentoring Program is not intended to fulfill the function of job seeking. Students are instructed to not ask for a job from your alumni mentor or any alumni in the Mentoring Program LinkedIn group. The Office of Career Services maintains job search databases and hosts job fairs for this purpose, in which students are encouraged to participate. If students and/or alumni fail to observe professional etiquette, they will be removed from the group and prohibited from accessing the Mentoring Program.

How the Mentoring Program Works:

The Mentoring Program is administered by the Offices of Career Services and Alumni and Parent Relations. The networking site, LinkedIn.com, hosts the Mentoring Program as a closed group at:  UC Alumni Student Mentoring.  Student must obtain permission to join the group from administrators. Before permission is granted, the following must occur:

1. Completing LinkedIn.com’s free registration to join the site at www.LinkedIn.com

2. Developing professional profile information on LinkedIn.com, including uploading a professional photo

3. Completing a brief orientation session by making an appointment with the Office of Career Services

Once approved to join the Mentoring Program, students may review the profiles of alumni mentors using the group’s “Members” tab. To approach alumni mentors with a question or the desire to connect, use either the “Invite to Connect” or “Send Message” feature that appears next to the alumni mentor’s name in the “Members” tab. If any questions or concerns arise, please contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations or the Office of Career Services immediately.

Additional Resources:

For questions about how to use LinkedIn.com and the Mentoring Program after joining, please contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations.


Office of Alumni and Parent Relations

(315) 792-3006
1600 Burrstone Road | Utica, NY 13502