Employee Giving

Employee Giving


Utica College Faculty and Staff who have donated to the College for five or more consecutive years.

20 Or More Years

Carl Dziekan
David Fontaine '89

10 To 19 Years

Dr. Lawrence Aaronson
Linda Aaronson '96
Kelly Adams'00
Trisha Barone '13
Dr. Annette Becker
Laura Bedford
Martin Broccoli '70
Cora Bruns '86, G'05
Martin Bruns '99
Dr. Bryant Buchanan
Gil Burgmaster
Matthew Carr '03
Dr. Laura Casamento
Dr. John Cormican
Susan Cox
Harvey Cramer
The Reverend Paul Drobin H'16
Blaise Faggiano
James Farr '05, G'12
Dr. Richard Fenner
Carol Fitzsimmons
Melissa Foote
Dean Gordon
Dr. Robert Halliday
Dr. Patrice Hallock
Joanne Hathaway
Mary Hayes Gordon '82, G'13
Gary Heenan G'05
Kateri Teresa Henkel
Dr. Nancy Hollins
Ric Hollins
Douglas Houghton '66
Dr. John Johnsen
Christine Kisiel
Mark Kovacs
Dr. Daniel Kurtz
Kim Lambert
Christine Leogrande '81
Karen Lorraine
Frances Lucia
Stacy Ludwikowski
Johnni Mahdi
Dr. R. Bruce McBride
Ellen Moon '76
Richard Moon '71
Julie Murawski
Doreen Murray V
ictoria Nackley
George Nehme
Timothy Nelson
Jessica Nelson '99
David Parker '11
Michael Parnell '02
Captain Cully Patch '03, G'12
Joseph Perry '90
Dr. Terri Provost
Deanna Putrello
Melissa Racioppa '95, G'16
Richard Racioppa '93
Jan Simpson G'07
Ellen Smith
Dr. James Smith
Dr. Polly Smith '99
John Snyder '95
Wayne Sullivan
Caren Summers G'13
Patricia Swann
Dr. Frederick Tehan
Dr. Alexander Thomas
Thomas Trinco
Alane Varga
Anthony Villanti
Kirstin Walker G'05
Robert Warwick '72
Dr. Sharon Wise
Regina Zdeb '70

5 To 9 Years

John Adasek
Benjamin Atwood '09, G'13
Tracy Balduzzi G'14
Colleen Bentley-Ciccone
Jamie Callari
Elizabeth Caraco
Dave Clausen
Alexis Cooper
Duane Corbo
Leslie Corbo '09, G'12
Dr. Thomas Crist
Douglas Croft '03
Michele Davis G'11
Gail Durr '97
Joseph Giordano '81
Lisa Green G'16
Lynn Guca
Kristin Haag
Robert Harvey Jr.
Jo Ann Hayward
Kim Landon '75
Anthony Leone Jr.
Carl Lohmann
Halina Lotyczewski
Derek MacTurk '04
Linda Madore G'14
Brian Marcantonio Jr. '10
Gina Marcantonio '13
Anthony Martino G'04
Erin Massoud
Ann McGowan
Dr. Denise McVay G'07
Patrick Mineo
Mariann Munson '85
Stephanie Nesbitt
Kathy Novak
Candice Ossowski '02
Salvatore Paladino III '03
Anne Patterson
Rose Patterson '87
Raymond Philo '81
Joanne '11 Pluff
William Pluff '06, G'11
Dr. Curtis Pulliam
Joni Pulliam
Lisa Rabideau
Dr. Donald Rebovich
John Rowe
Pamela Salmon
Charleen Sangiacomo '06
Sandra Shepardson G'16
Bobbi Smorol
Kristin St. Hilaire G'16
Jennifer Urbanke '13, G'17
Honorable William Virkler
Kevin Waldron
Lesley Wallace




We are holding a special Employee Giving Happy Hour in the Pioneer Pub on March 22 for all UC employees who give to the College. Join us for appetizers and an adult beverage, as well as some great conversation with your colleagues. Hope to see you there!

Employee Giving Happy Hour
Thursday, March 22
4:30 to 6:00 p.m.
Pioneer Pub

Questions? Contact Francesca Dunlevy at fadunlev@utica.edu or (315) 792-3744

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