Student Complaint Process - Details

Student Complaint Process - Details

Complaint Process Details

Informal Process

Utica College requires that you first make every effort to informally resolve a complaint or concern. It is important that you talk directly with the staff, faculty or administrator with whom you have a concern in order for them to have an opportunity to hear you and work with you to resolve the issue. As a professional courtesy, you are advised to:

  • Contact the college employee by phone to schedule an appointment
  • Be sure to identify yourself and provide contact information
  • Be clear about what your concern is and how you would like the issue resolved
If your concern has not been resolved, you may consult with the Office of Student Success or the Office of Graduate Studies to assist you in attempting to resolve the matter.

Formal Complaint Process

If you have exhausted the informal process and still have not resolved the issue, you may submit a formal complaint using the Utica College Student Complaint Form. This completed form should be submitted as soon as possible and no more than 60 days after the incident occurs.

Once your formal complaint has been submitted, you will be contacted by college personnel within five (5) business days to discuss your concern further. You will be provided information regarding next steps in the process and may be asked for additional information, if necessary.

If your complaint or concern has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you may appeal the decision. To appeal a decision, you will need to follow the instructions provided in the decision notification. 

After your appeal has been submitted, you will be contacted within five (5) business days regarding next steps in the process and be given information as to who will be reaching out to you.

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