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Welcome to Utica College's Alumni Council. The UCAC supports and promotes the best interest of Utica College and fosters unity, loyalty and growth within the College community, which includes its students, perspective students, parents, faculty, staff, administration, Board of Trustees, and alumni.

Greetings from the Utica College Alumni Council President

Rob Sherman '74     

On behalf of the Utica College Alumni Council (UCAC), I would like to welcome you home to Utica College.

The Utica College Alumni Council is the governance body of the Alumni Society which is 28,000+ strong. We are dedicated to supporting Utica College and our fellow alumni by giving our time, talent, and treasure.

We represent the College and the Alumni Society at events, and we host various activities during Homecoming Weekend and/or at regional gatherings in our hometowns.  Our responsibilities also include maintaining, encouraging and building relationships between alumni and Utica College.

All alumni are automatically members of the Alumni Society. You can become an active member of the society by attending and participating in College sponsored events, hosting regional alumni events, recruiting prospective students, and/or mentoring students. There are numerous ways to become engaged. The alumni society provides a forum for alumni to interact with old friends, and voice their opinions about the College.

I encourage you to remain engaged with the development and growth of the College. Visiting this web site will allow you to learn about news and information regarding UC.  Participating in alumni events such as Homecoming Weekend or Spring Fling Weekend will help you reconnect with your alma mater and fellow alumni. Offering your time, talent, and experience to be a guest speaker in a class, whether you’re discussing your job/internship experience or giving advice to students, would also help strengthen the alumni connection with students. You may also make a financial contribution to the College, via a gift to the UC Annual Fund, which helps to further the development of the College.

I encourage all of you to become reacquainted and stay connected with your alma mater as well as other alumni. Don’t forget to join the UC Facebook page or our LinkedIn site to further connect with fellow alumni and stay up to-date with all the events happening at the College. There is strength in numbers, and the more alumni that participate in our College the stronger UC will become.

Remain Pioneer Proud,

Rob Sherman '74


A member is nominated to hold an UCAC position based on demonstrated involvement, support of and commitment to Utica College. Upon election to the UCAC and upon accepting the three-year appointment, an individual agrees to fulfill the responsibilities associated with Council membership. These include but are not limited to:

  • Attending and participating in two scheduled Council meetings, each year. One meeting is held in the spring and the other is held during Homecoming Weekend – usually in September or October. Additional meetings may arise as needed to address Council business.
  • Donating to the Annual Fund at a level appropriate to current circumstances is encouraged. The UCAC strives for 100% participation from all members.
  • Participating in e-meetings, when meetings on campus are not necessary, but work must be addressed.
  • Actively serving on at least one Council committee as assigned with regular attendance on scheduled committee conference calls in between full Council meetings on campus.
  • Being a representative and spokesperson for the Utica College Alumni Society. This could involve talking with prospective students, meeting with fellow alumni, communication in our legislators, attending local alumni events, and more.
  • Seeking out and encouraging talented alumni for committee and future UCAC membership, other alumni activities, and alumni awards.
  • Assist the College and the Office of Career Services in identifying, cultivating, and involving alumni in areas such as student recruitment, job placement, legislative advocacy, and financial support.
  • Assist the College and the Alumni Society in identifying and implementing programming that will enhance the student experience at Utica College, thus helping mold more loyal alumni.
  • Familiarity with the programs and activities sponsored, organized, and coordinated by the Alumni Society and participation in them to the extent possible, including large campus events (Homecoming Weekend, Convocation, and Commencement).
  • Offer ideas to help make the Board of Directors and the Alumni Society more meaningful to the alumni constituency and initiate Board activities and initiatives.
  • An ambassador, publicist, and advocate for the Alumni Society and Utica College.
  • Continuously taking advantage of opportunities to develop and build relationships between the College and its alumni, as well as the relationship among fellow alumni.

Please check back - UCAC Membership will be updated soon.

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