Major in International Studies

Major in International Studies

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You want to see the world through a variety of perspectives. You’re curious about other cultures, their customs, language, and politics. Diversity is important to you --- in both your future career and in your life. International studies may be the major for you.


Academic Concentrations

Why UC?

The major in international studies enables students to build a broad and nuanced understanding of the world and how it works from a range of perspectives, including cultural, economic, and political/governmental. Taught by a distinguished faculty, UC's international studies major is an interdisciplinary program that draws on history, government and politics, human rights advocacy, language, and other fields. The program offers rich opportunities for foreign study and includes a capstone senior seminar.

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What You’ll Learn

International studies majors choose from four academic concentrations:

  • Language, culture, and literature
  • International relations, comparative politics, and comparative history
  • Economics, development, and the environment
  • International law, security, and human rights

UC’s interdisciplinary approach to the study of nations, people, and culture is designed for students with interests in international political relations and economics, government, law, foreign service, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, developmental and environmental studies, language, literature, culture, and education.

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International Studies offers rich opportunities for foreign study as well as a capstone Senior Seminar.

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A Degree that Works

The international studies program helps you lay the foundation for a rewarding career in a broad spectrum of fields, including international political relations, economics, law, government, education, and more.

UC international studies alumni have taken leadership positions at:

  • HSBC
  • Compass Interpreters
  • CITRIX Systems
  • New York University
  • Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees
  • MacroGenics, Inc.
  • Miami Dade County, Florida

Build a broad and nuanced understanding of the world and how it works from a range of perspectives

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