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Student Teaching

To qualify for student teaching, you need to:

  • Receive a grade no lower than a C in any course in the Education Program;
  • Maintain an overall minimum gpa of 2.75 (undergraduates); maintain an overall minimum gpa of 3.0 (graduate candidates)
  • Complete all requirements of their major (undergraduates)
  • Complete all Core courses required by NYSED (if not previously met)
  • Receive the positive endorsement of the faculty in the academic major
  • Receive the positive endorsement of the faculty in education
  • Have fingerprint record in the NYSED TEACH system per program and NYS process

Students are required to pass all NYSED Teacher Certification Exams prior to receiving initial certification. Go to NYSTCE for current information about NYS certification tests.  Should you need assistance in preparing for these exams, help with test taking skills is available in our Office of Student Success. You can also enroll in on-line preparation for the New York State Teacher Certification exams at 

The Education Program sends requests for cooperating teachers to all area school districts. Student teaching placements will be assigned by the Education Program, and every effort will be made to work with the individual needs of students within the parameters of the program.


> Student Teaching Application
 Apply online for student teaching.  Please note that if you are not currently in the education program but intend on student teaching after being added back in, you will need to stop by Library Concourse room 128 to apply. Click on the link above to apply.  



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