Math and Science Center

Math and Science Center

Learning Commons 
Frank E. Gannett Memorial Library
Director: Ralph Craig

The Math and Science Center gives students individual attention, focusing on the specific areas in which they most need assistance. Math and Science Center tutors will work with students enrolled in 100 and 200 level Math and Science courses. Tutors can help students prepare for tests and quizzes as well as assist with homework problems.

During the sessions, tutors will look first for major misconceptions and then look for patterns of errors. Tutors may provide similar problems for students to solve but will not complete graded assignments for students. The tutors make sure students leave knowing how to work through problems themselves.

The Center's tutors are themselves students, many of whom are minoring in education as prospective teachers. They have been selected because of their proven mathematics or science skills and ability to work well with others. Using the Math and Science Center should be a worthwhile experience and many students find themselves visiting often.

The Center is staffed Sunday through Thursday from noon to 9 p.m. and Fridays from noon to 4 p.m.  Look for extended hours during exam week.  Students may drop in to the Math and Science Center any time tutors are on duty; no appointment necessary.


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