If you will be leaving for military duty, or are returning from assignment, please contact UC’s Veterans' Liaison.

Utica College policy for military-related withdrawal:

  • You will need your official orders for military duty sent to the Utica College Registrars Office.
  • There will be no academic penalty for withdrawing from your courses provided that you - (a) notify each of your instructors of your leave within reasonable timeframes, (b) work out arrangements with your instructors to complete assignments, and (c) mutually agree on a course completion plan.
Note - instructors MUST be given adequate communication regarding your leave, and are only required to give you reasonable accommodation for your military leave. Reasonable accommodation is determined by your instructor. If you feel reasonable accommodations are not being made, please notify the veterans' liaison, and provide written proof of your case.
  • There will be no financial penalties for withdrawing from your courses provided that you - (a) notify the Office of Student Financial Services of your leave, and (b) speak personally to your financial aid counselor.