Starting A New Organization

Starting A New Organization

Starting A New Club or Organization

All student groups at Utica College are organized and operated by our students; therefore, the level of activity varies from year to year based on student interest and participation.  Establishing a new student organization on the Utica College campus is a relatively simple procedure.

The following steps to recognition have been taken from Rule 102 of the Bylaws of the Recognition Committee:

(to see a full copy of the Recognition Committee Bylaws, click HERE)

General Criteria:

  1. The organization must have at least five currently registered Utica College undergraduate members in good academic standing (2.0+).
  2. The organization must have a President, Vice president, Secretary, Treasurer and Webmaster. The organization may use different names for those positions, so long as they have equivalent responsibilities.
  3. The organization must have an advisor who is a current Utica College faculty or staff member.
  4. The organization must have a Constitution that meets the constitutional criteria listed in these bylaws and does not go against the Student Senate Constitution or any of its bylaws.
Pioneer Place:
Applicants shall apply online at Pioneer Place to begin the recognition process; the Recognition Committee shall screen and approve all changes to the online application in a timely manner.

Constitutional Criteria:
Student Organizations shall be required to create their constitutions in such a way, that they are in accordance to guidelines established by the Recognitions Committee.  There is a constitution template at the bottom of this page.

Presentation to the Committee:
Once all general and constitutional criteria is fulfilled, the Student Organization will be contacted by the Recognitions Committee; the committee shall invite the organization to present its proposal for recognition, so that the committee may ensure that the organization has met all of the before mentioned criteria; if an organization has met the criteria, the Recognitions Committee shall vote to determine if the proposal is ready to be heard by the Legislative Assembly.

Presentation to the Legislative Assembly:
If the Recognitions Committee determines that the proposal is ready, the Student Organization shall then be required to present a second proposal for recognition to the Legislative Assembly; the Student Organization will be given a date to attend the next meeting of the Legislative Assembly, where their proposal will be approved or denied. If approved, the Student Organization shall be formally recognized and eligible for funding from the Student Senate.

All recognized organizations must submit a revised Constitution to the Senate  every year via re-registration on Pioneer Place. All recognized organizations must identify one fiscal representative in order to receive funding.

Before You Apply:

You MUST have ready:
  • The names and e-mail addresses of all members.
  • The name, position, department, e-mail address and phone number of a faculty or staff member who has already agreed to be your club advisor.
  • An electronic copy of your current constitution able to be uploaded to the Pioneer Place page.
  • A photo or image that represents your organization in some way.

Perks of Being a Recognized Club or Organization on Campus

  • Student Government funding
  • Portal on Pioneer Place
  • Participation in the Club & Org Fair
  • Hosting Events
  • Reserving rooms
  • Posting fliers
  • Org mailbox
  • On-campus fund raising
  • Assistance in finding resources

How to Create a Student Club or Organization

If you would like to create your own club, please see the following documents:

Below is a general outline for a student organization constitution:

Article I- Name of Organization
Article II– Purpose of Organization
Article III- Membership Practice
Article IV- Officers and Their Duties
Article V– Elections
Article VI– Committees
Article VII– Meetings
Article VIII– Financial Records
Article IX– Advisors
Article X- Amendments

When you're ready to register your new club on Pioneer Place, please click HERE!

For more information on existing student clubs and organizations at Utica College, please contact the Office of Student Living and College Engagement at (315) 792-3037.

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