Faculty Resources

 Faculty Resources

The Campus Store wants to make sure that all faculty members are aware of the services that we offer to the college community.  The services we provide are meant to benefit both the students as well as improve the partnership between the store and campus.  

This page will cover items that are meant specifically for our faculty members.

Please do not hesitate to send questions, comments, concerns, or items that require immediate attention to Jerry Gallup, Store Manager, at grgallup@utica.edu or call 315-792-3301.

Table of Contents
There is a lot of material on this page.  Please click the links below for quick access to each topic.
  1. HEOA
  2. BookLook & BookNow
  3. Follett Discover
  4. Course Materials
  5. IncludED
  6. Discounts
  7. Regalia

The Higher Education Opportunity and Affordability Act of 2008 (HEOA) requires that the campus publish all required course materials for each course at the time the course schedule is made publicly available. Click here for a copy of the HEOA Textbook Provision.  See the Course Materials section below to ensure the appropriate steps are being taken to maintain our compliance with the law.

BookLook & BookNow

These processes are in place with the intention of promoting student success.  The campus store recommends that you inform students of these instructions on your course syllabus.  The links below are also found on the 'Student Resource' page of this site.

BookLook is the implemented solution to HEOA from the campus store.  Students are able to access the course material information directly through the Utica College website.  Click here to view the instructions.

Students also have the ability to order their course materials directly through BannerWeb.  Click here to view the instructions.

Follett Discover

Follett Discover is the new way to adopt and order materials for the classes you teach.

Follett Discover will empower you to:
  • Discover course materials and curate content, including emerging content types like open education resources (OER) and videos.
  • Review other relevant materials, including what your peers are using.
  • Upload your original materials for students, colleagues, and the community to access.
Discover is accessed through your Engage login. Discover supports single sign-on, which means that you log into the source system, (LMS and/or SIS) and are seamlessly passed through to Discover where content can be accessed, including the online adoption tool. Please reach out to the bookstore with any questions or concerns about using Follett Discover.

Course Materials

Course materials make up the most important part of the relationship between the campus store and faculty members.  Course materials are more than just textbooks.  They also include any course related supply items (ex. dissection kits, goggles, splinting kits, medical equipment).  Anything your students need to succeed in your course are considered course materials.  We can help you create custom printed course packs (including copyright clearance when necessary).  With our new Vitalsource™ technology, we can create custom digital content as well!


Timely submission of course material adoptions is crucial for several reasons:
  1. Compliance with HEOA.  Orders must be submitted by the time the campus posts the upcoming academic course schedule.  These dates may vary slightly, but are generally as follows:
    • Summer: Mid March
    • Fall: Mid April
    • Spring: Mid October
  2. The campus store has adequate time to address any issues with fulfilling your adoption request (ie. new editions, out of print & out of stock issues, publisher issues, or any unforeseen issues that require intervention).
  3. The campus store has more time to source used copies of textbooks which is a cost savings for your students.
  4. The campus store is able to pay out more money for textbooks during our major buyback periods at the end of the semester.
The campus store understands that the course material selection process is very important.  While the store will never pressure you into making a decision, we will send out several reminders until you have chosen the desired material(s). 

Online Adoption Tool via Follett Discover
Using the Follett Discover Online Adoption Tool via Engage the easiest and quickest way to submit your course adoption. Click here for the site tutorial.
  • To access Follett Discover, login to Engage here.
  • After signing in, click on the option labeled "Site Resources" on the top toolbar.
  • Select "View/Order Textbooks", this will open the Discover page in your web browser.
  • Select the term you want to adopt your books for and click update.
  • The course(s) and corresponding section(s) you are scheduled to teach will appear as tiles.
  • To order the specific book you plan to use, enter the ISBN at the top of the course tile.
  • Confirm whether the book is required, recommended, or a choice title. 
Once you have confirmed your book order in Discover it will be sent to the bookstore to be added to banner. Any changes to your book order follow the same process. Please allow up to two business days for the bookstore to process your book adoption. If your order is not updated in banner after two business days please reach out to Jerry Gallup, Store Manager at grgallup@utica.edu or call 315-792-3301. *Note: The Office of Arts and Sciences will have their course materials reviewed by the department before being sent to the bookstore for processing. This will increase the required time to process your book order.*
  • If you do not require any course materials for your course, click on the top of the class tile to go to the next page and select the link that states "I have no items to adopt for this course". After clicking on the link the bookstore will be notified that you require no course materials.

Adoption Form
Click here to obtain the 'official' campus store adoption form.  Adoptions can be submitted by whichever method is most convenient for our faculty members (ie. phone, fax, email, or through our online submission tool).

We encourage all faculty members to utilize the online adoption tool.  It's a centralized system that keeps a record of all submissions to the campus store.  If you wish to submit your course material order via another method, we ask that the following information is included:
  • Instructor name
  • Semester & Year
  • Course information (Department, Course Number, & Section Number Ex. ANT 415 A)
  • Requested materials (textbooks, supplies, or other)
    • Author
    • Title
    • Edition (indicate if more than one edition is acceptable)
    • ISBN
    • Part number or detailed description (for supply items)
    • Usage for the requested material (Required, Recommended, Suggested, Choice, etc.)
  • Estimated enrollment
  • Is the course a continuation course? (this helps us determine whether students already possess the requested materials)
  • Any special notes, comments, or instructions
If your course does not require any course materials, HEOA does require you to notify us.  We will designate those classes as "No Course Materials Required."

Course Alert Form
The campus store strives to make its services better.  We want to know if there are any problems so we can fix them. The store has developed a form for this purpose.  Click here for the official form.  Please complete the required fields and email the form to the store.  We will be sure to address your concerns. 

Desk Copies
Faculty members should work with their department to make desk copy requests directly with the publisher. The campus store will gladly provide contact information for the publishers, but cannot place orders on behalf of faculty members. The campus store is also unable to lend desk copies for temporary use.

Rental & Digital Materials

Our mission is to bring together educational content, products, and technologies to prepare the next generation of learners and educators.  Realizing the success of that mission hinges on our ability to deliver cost effective solutions to the campus.  We are able to do this with our rental and digital programs.

For your students, renting their textbooks is the most cost effective method. The campus store has an extensive rental catalog.  Many of our textbooks are not available for rent due to one or more of the following reasons:
  1. Old edition(s)
  2. Loose leaf version
  3. Weak or inferior binding
  4. Package or book bundle
  5. Contains an access code
  6. Usage of material is insufficient to be considered a 'national rental title'
  7. Intended for single use (lab manual, workbook with perforated pages, etc.)
We encourage you to reach out to the store if you are requesting material(s) that fall into one of the above categories.
The campus store will gladly collaborate with you to offer the most beneficial option(s) to your students. This includes a local rental option for items used exclusively here or working to break apart bundles and packages (sometimes there are extra components that are not needed and can be eliminated).

Many of our textbooks are available in a digital format.  The majority of the titles we offer are on our new Vitalsource™ platform.  For more information on the student perspective, visit the 'Rental & Digital Books' page of this site by clicking here.

The campus store has the ability to digitize custom materials:
  • For campus/faculty authored content, click here for more information on the process.  
  • For copyrighted material, we do have solutions for both print and digital, but it will be best to reach out to the store for more information.  Contact us by phone: (315) 792-3197 or email to: bookst@utica.edu.

Supplies & Non-traditional Materials

As mentioned above, course materials is more than just textbooks.  The campus store is ready and able to sell most of the ancillary items that you may require for your course.  Examples include:
  • Goggles
  • Art Supplies
  • Dissection kits
  • Splinting kits
  • Scrubs and Lab Coats
  • Medical equipment (stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, diagnostic equipment, etc.)
This is a short list of all the items that we can make available for your students.  If you require a non-traditional course material, we urge you to let us know.  The campus store is able to accept financial aid as a payment type, which is an advantage over any other location.  And that keeps the students on campus, which is beneficial for everyone!


IncludED is a groundbreaking program that delivers all required course materials, both digital and print, to students as part of their tuition or fees.  The program ensures that students will receive their required materials on or before the first day of classes, ultimately leading to a better educational experience.

For example, during the fall of 2014, the campus implemented the IncludED program for the ABSN nursing program. The IncludED program saved these students approximately $730 over the duration of the sixteen month program!

Click here for an overview of the IncludED program.

For more detailed information on the IncludED program, visit our "IncludED Resources" webpage by clicking here.  You will need to fill out a short form.  The password is: includeme (All lowercase)

Questions regarding the IncludED program are welcome to: bookst@utica.edu.


As a faculty member, you are entitled to a 10% discount on most merchandise in the store! The discount excludes textbooks, sale merchandise, computer hardware, and academically discounted software.


Many of you participate in Convocation and Commencement.  The Office of Student Life and Campus Engagement (SLCE) will lend regalia to faculty members who do not possess their own.

The campus store does offer fine quality regalia for purchase.  There are several options available and most features can be customized to your preferences.  The regalia is tailored to match your standing and fit for the utmost comfort and appearance. Please reach out to the Store Manager at 315-792-3301 or email bookst@utica.edu with any questions.

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