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Academic Calendar and Deadlines

Keep track of important dates in Utica College's academic calendar for the current semester.

Spring 2019

January 14 - May 7

(Note: all dates 2019)

Part of Term1D1D2D3H1H2T1T2T3OT
Number of Weeks1688168855517
Term Begins 1/141/143/111/141/143/181/142/183/251/2
Last Date to Add/Drop1/181/183/151/181/183/221/182/223/291/8
Mid Term 3/3 2/10 4/7 3/3 2/10 4/14 N/AN/AN/A 3/3
Mid-Term Grades Due 3/3 2/10 4/7 3/3 2/10 4/14 N/A N/A N/A  3/3
Last Day to WD without Academic Penalty3/292/184/153/252/184/152/13/74/11 3/8
Last Day to place class on Pass/Fail or Audit3/292/184/153/252/184/152/13/74/11 3/8
Last Day to Withdraw-Fail (calculates as an F in GPA)5/63/75/25/23/75/62/143/215/6 5/6
Final Grades Due at 11:59 PM5/10 3/135/8 5/8 3/135/102/203/275/10 5/10
SOOT Opens (link sent to students' UC email account)4/223/14/264/263/14/222/83/154/22 4/22
SOOT Closes4/293/85/35/33/84/292/153/224/29 4/29
Last Day of Classes  4/293/8 5/3 5/3 3/8 4/29 2/15 3/22 4/29 5/10
Final Exam Week (full term ground classes). No exams on Sunday 5/5.5/2- 5/7         
Deadline to apply for May degree3/15         

No ground classes Monday, January 21
Spring Break for ground classes: March 11-15
Summer and fall registration begins: April 1
Summer registration for non-matriculated students begins: April 15
Ground classes final exams: May 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7. No exams on Sunday
Graduate and Undergraduate Commencement: May 11
May 2019 degree conferral date: May 11
Fall registration for non-matriculated students begins: June 3


Spring 2019

(Note: all dates 2019)
(Note: all deadlines are by 11:59pm EST/EDT on the date listed.)

Deadline/ActionD1 (1st 8 weeks)D2 (2nd 8 weeks)D3 (16 weeks)
BLOC Opens:Mon, Dec 17Mon, Dec 17Mon, Dec 17
1st Installment Due:Tue, Jan 8Tue, Jan 8Tue, Jan 8
Classes Begin:Mon, Jan 14Mon, Mar 11Mon, Jan 14
Last Day to Add/Drop*:

Fri, Jan 18Fri, Mar 15Fri, Jan 18
BLOC Closes:Mon, Jan 28Mon, Jan 28Mon, Jan 28
2nd Installment Due:Fri, Feb 8Fri, Feb 8Fri, Feb 8
Mid-Term Grades Due:Sun, Feb 10Sun, Apr 7Sun, Mar 3
Last day to WD**:Mon, Feb 18Mon, Apr 15Mon, Mar 25
SOOT Opens:Fri, Mar 1Fri, Apr 26Fri, Apr 26
3rd Installment Due:Fri, Mar 8Fri, Mar 8Fri Mar 8
Last Day of Classes:Fri, Mar 8Fri, May 3Fri, May 3
SOOT Closes:Fri, Mar 8Fri, May 3Fri, May 3
Final Grades Due:Wed, Mar 13Wed, May 8Wed, May 8
Deadline to apply for a December degree/certificate:June 15 June 15 June 15
4th Installment Due:Mon, Apr 8Mon, Apr 8 Mon, Apr 8
Late Fee Applied:Tue, Apr 9Tue, Apr 9Tue, Apr 9

* After this date, there will be no refund of charges, the student will receive a WD on transcript and will owe any remaining balance.
** If a student withdraws from a class after the posted WD deadline, s/he will receive a grade of WF for the class, which calculates as an F in his/her GPA.

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