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Residency and Orientation

For students in online programs

Residency is a required component of the Utica College FCM, CIF, and PPtDPT online degree programs. Orientation is a required component of the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program.

What to expect

No matter the event, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with faculty and your peers on a new level. You’ll apply theory to practice, learn from and inspire your peers, and participate in small and large academic sessions, clinical skills labs, and panel discussions.

What makes residency and orientation essential?

Residency and orientation provide unique, powerful opportunities to collaborate with faculty and peers, and acquire and implement new knowledge. You will engage with world-renowned faculty who are leaders in their fields and draw upon the academic and professional experiences of your peers. You’ll collaborate and build a strong learning community - a factor that can help strengthen and maintain motivation so that you’ll continue moving toward your degree.

What are you provided?

In addition to the valuable interactions with renowned faculty, hand-picked staff, and your peers, each residency student is provided with a welcome reception/dinner, breakfast and lunch on each full day, acclaimed guest speakers, printed materials, and full technological support.

Orientation students can look forward to much of the content provided to residency students, but in a rigorous, full day format.

Ready to Find Out More?

Residency and Orientation Information and Dates - Spring 2019 

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Residency - Summer 2019


Please make sure you have the following completed BEFORE you arrive for residency:

  1. Activate your Utica College Email, Banner Web/network accounts
    (These accounts will use the same username and password. Banner Web is used for course   registration, checking grades, and a number of other administrative functions.)
  2. Register for Courses
    While registering for FCM 626 and or FCM 642, you will be prompted to add FCM 995, which is simply a placeholder for residency. It is not an additional course. Remember, you will need full payment, a valid FAFSA on file at UC, or veterans benefits in place at time of registration.
  3. Log into Engage
    Engage is Utica College's learning management system and where you will find your course content. You will not be able to activate your Engage account until you have successfully registered for your first course. Shortly after you are registered (typically within 1 hour) you will receive an auto-generated e-mail to your Utica College email account. If you don't, be sure to check your SPAM folder. Your log-in information for Engage is the same as your UC email username and password.
  4. Prepare Your Laptop
    Please refer to this letter from our Integrated Information and Technology Services department. In addition, please refer to this document regarding software installation requirements for the FCM Residency. Thank you.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (coming soon)



Order your books for FCM 626 or FCM 642 (returning students)

You will have opportunities to visit the Utica College bookstore while at residency. We encourage students to order their books online well in advance, allowing either delivery to your home or easy pick-up at the bookstore itself. The virtual bookstore can be found here.  

The campus bookstore is located in Strebel Student Center, and open Monday - Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm; Saturday, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm.


Dress/business casual. Please use professional discretion. Do not wear clothing that has language or symbols that may be found offensive. Utica is very warm in August (80's-90's), temperate in May (50's-60's) and very cold in January (0's - 30's) - please plan accordingly!

If you have special dietary needs, we must receive the below form no later than one week prior to the start of the residency. If you send the request within a week of residency start, we cannot guarantee compliance.

The attendance policy, Learner Code of Conduct, drugs & alcohol policy, discrimination-harassment-assault policy, and consentual relationship policy can be found in the Utica College Student Handbook


I would like to see logins and resources for:

For a general list of frequently used logins, you can also visit our logins page.