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Professor of Physical Therapy

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Forensic Anthropology Field School in Butrint, Albania

Study Abroad

Forensic Anthropology Field School

Albania, Greece, and Romania

Anticipated dates:
May 19 - June 13, 2015

Anticipated Itinerary

Please note: All times are local to their countries. Albanian time is 6 hours ahead of US Eastern Daylight Savings Time. Greek/Romanian time is 7 hours ahead of US Eastern Daylight Savings Time. Itinerary is subject to revision.


Day 1: Tuesday, 5/19

8:00 AM: Meet at Strebel Circle on UC campus
8:30 AM: DEP Utica for JFK (by chartered bus)
1:30 PM: ARR JFK (Terminal 1)
2:00 PM: All expedition members meet at Lufthansa check-in counter (Terminal 1)
5:45 PM: DEP JFK for Munich (Lufthansa #411)

Day 2: Wednesday, 5/20

7:55 AM: ARR Munich (flight time 8½ hrs)
Connection time: 1 hr.
8:55 AM: DEP Munich for Tirana (Lufthansa #1736)
10:45 AM: ARR Tirana/check-in at Villa Tafaj

Day 3: Thursday, 5/21

(1½ days total) 

Tirana tours and events

Day 4: Friday, 5/22

8:00 AM: DEP Tirana (by chartered bus)
4:00 PM: ARR Butrint/Check-in at Hotel Livia

Days 5-13: Saturday, 5/23 - Sunday, 5/31

(9 days total)

Class meetings
Trip to Gjirokastra 

Day 14: Monday, 6/1

8:00 AM: Leave Hotel Livia for Saranda Port
10:00 AM: DEP Saranda for Corfu (by ferry)
12:30 PM: ARR Corfu/check-in at Hotel Konstantinoupolis

Day 15: Tuesday, 6/2

(1½ days total)

Corfu tours and events

Expedition Part II: Romania and Bucharest

Day 16: Saturday, 6/3

8:00 AM: Leave Hotel Konstantinoupolis for Corfu Airport
10:10 AM: DEP Corfu for Athens (Aegean #403)
11:15 AM: ARR Athens - Connection time: 6½ hrs.
5:45 PM: DEP Athens for Bucharest (Aegean #962)
7:25 PM: ARR Bucharest/Check-in at Hotel Opera

Days 17-25: Thursday, 6/4 - Friday, 6/12

  (9 days total) 

Class meetings
Bucharest tours and events
Trip to Transylvania

Day 26: Saturday, 6/13

4:00 AM: Leave Hotel Opera for Bucharest Airport
6:25 AM: DEP Bucharest for Frankfurt (Lufthansa #1423)
7:55 AM: ARR Frankfurt - Connection time: 3 hrs.
10:50 AM: DEP Frankfurt for JFK (Lufthansa #400)
1:15 PM: ARR JFK (flight time 9¼ hrs.)
8:00 PM (approximate): ARR Strebel Circle at UC campus by chartered bus