Faculty Senate Committees

Faculty Senate Committees

Faculty Senate 2022-2023


Todd J. Pfannestiel - Permanent President
Bernard Hyman -  Presiding Officer
Jennifer Klimek-Yingling, Vice Presiding Officer
Nicole Scienza- Secretary

Faculty Senate Committees

(Term expires May 31 of the year in parentheses)

Executive Council

1-Year Term for Officers, 2-Year Term for Senators

Todd J. Pfannestiel, President of Faculty Senate - ex officio
Bernard Hyman, Presiding Officer (2023)
Jennifer Klimek-Yingling, Vice Presiding Officer (2023)
Nicole Scienza, Secretary (2023)
Arlene Lundquist (2024)
Johnathan Mizgala (2024)
Sarah Burnette-Wolle (2023)
TBA, Provost's Representative
Mehmet Sencicek, Parliamentarian of Faculty Senate (2023)

Academic Standards Committee

2-Year Term

Sam Berry-Sullivan , Chair (2023)
Doreen Rogers (2023)
Wendy Moore (2024)
Unnati Shah (2023)
Julie Bush (2023)
3 student representatives

Daniel Kratochvil, Provost's Representative (ex officio)
Craig Dewan, Registrar (ex officio)
Bethany Samuels, Associate Director of Student Success (ex officio)

Academic Technology Committee

2-Year Term

Jing-Mao Ho, Chair (2023)
James Monahan (2023)
Ismael Morales (2023)
Ellen Smith (2023)
Janis Winn (2024)
Oligens Sulo (2024)
Hava Turkakin (2024)
Yvonne Monti (2024)

Curriculum Committee

2-Year Term

Katie Pawloski (2023), Chair
Sarah Keesom, Secretary (2023)
Julian Damashek (2023)
Kyrra Marchese (2023)
Laurah Klepinger (2024)
Andrea Palerino (2024) 
Barbara Erickson (2024) 
Abdulabast Abushrgra (2024)
Katie Spires (2024)
Shanna Van Slyke (2023)

Nicole Cornacchia-Morgan, Registrar's Office (ex officio)
Daniel Kratochvil, Provost's Representative (ex officio)

Faculty Affairs Committee

2-Year Term
James Brown (2024), Chair 
Michelle Boucher (2024)
Thomas Diana (2024)
Bryant Buchanan (2024) 
Cynthia Love-Williams (2024)
Lisa Orr (2023)
Jack Givens (2024)
(2) Spring 2023- TBD (2023)

Todd J. Pfannestiel, Provost & SVPAA (ex officio)

Faculty Resources Committee

2-Year Term

Ashraf Elmarakby , Chair (2023)
Timothy Abraham (2024)
Michael McCarthy (2023)
Luke Perry (2024)
Maryam Hashemian (2024)

Daniel Tagliarina - Faculty Development Coordinator

Honorary Degree Committee

2-Year Term

TBD, Chair
Samantha Marocco (2024)
Danielle O'Connor (2023)
Pat Swann (2024)

Ann Damiano, Provost's Representative (ex officio)

Joint Conference Committee of Trustees, Faculty, and Administration

2-Year Term

Leonore Fleming, President of the AAUP-UC
Bernard Hyman, Presiding Officer of Faculty Senate
Matthew Marmet, Representative from Executive Council (2023)
Terri Provost (2024)
Margaret Hemstrought (2024)
Sue Lynch (2023)

Nominating Committee

2-Year Term

Chair, Daniel Tagliarina (2023)
Robert Swenzowski (2024)
Michelle Nunno-Evans (2024)

Professional Development Committee

 2-Year Term

Sherri Cash (2023), Chair
Gary Leising (2023)
TBD (2024)
Claudette Abounader (2024)
Greg Walsh (Spring 2023)

Todd J. Pfannestiel, Provost & SVPAA (ex officio)


Distinguished Teacher Award Committee

2-Year Term

Larry Aaronson (2023)

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