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The Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)

About HEOP at Utica College

Higher Education Opportunity Program at Utica CollegeFor some students, a college education is out of reach because of economic and educational disadvantages. The Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) seeks to provide students with the tools they need to earn their degree.

Utica College has long believed that an education should be available to students who are willing to work hard. The College also believes that students learn by interacting with different cultures. Because of this, Utica College holds the distinction of being one of the first colleges to offer HEOP in the state.


Established in 1969 by New York State, HEOP is open to New York State residents regardless of age, color, religion, creed, disability, marital status, veteran status, national origin, race, gender, genetic predisposition or carrier status, or sexual orientation. To be eligible for HEOP, prospective students must meet academic and financial eligibility requirements established by New York State Education Department, and demonstrate potential for academic success.

HEOP is jointly funded by the New York State Education Department and Utica College.

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Summer Institute

All HEOP incoming freshmen are required to attend the five-week Summer Institute, designed to serve as a bridge between high school and college, aimed at preparing students for the rigorous coursework that they will encounter in the fall. The coursework is carefully chosen to match each student's level of skills and future career goals. Courses are offered in writing, mathematics, science and reading. A staff of counselors and tutors are available to help students adjust to college life, as well as provide academic counseling services and assistance with completing financial aid applications and documentation.

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Transfer Applicants

Transfers from an equivalent program, as approved by the New York State Education Department, are welcome to apply. Students receive financial support and related services such as academic and personal counseling, and tutoring up to a maximum of 10 semesters (five years).

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Director, Opportunity Programs

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