Student Conduct FAQ

Student Conduct FAQ

FAQ for Students

What are my rights and responsibilities as a Utica College student?

What is the Code of Student Conduct?

Why did I get a letter?

What is the difference between the Utica College Student Conduct Process and the external legal system?

My friend met with an Area Coordinator. Why am I meeting with the Director of Student Conduct & Community Standards?

What if I don’t show up for the hearing?

What rights do I have in the conduct process?

What are the possible outcomes of a hearing?

What is a likely sanction?

What happens if I don't do my sanction?

How many chances do I get?

How does an appeal work?

Will my parents find out?

What are the long-term effects of being found responsible for violating the Code of Student Conduct?

Who has access to my conduct records?

How can I complete documentation and who can file a complaint?

How long do I have to provide written documentation?

Who can I talk to if I’m unsure about filing a complaint or have a question about the process?

In what circumstances can a student be held accountable for off campus behaviors?


What does it mean to be a witness?

What will I have to do?

Will the student who has been charged know that I provided documentation?

Do I have to see the student that I provide information about?

How can I support my son/daughter through the Student Conduct Process?

Will I be called when my son/daughter is charged with a violation of the Code of Student Conduct?

Why can’t I have access to my son or daughter’s conduct file? I pay their tuition!

Can I attend my son/daughter’s hearing?


Contact Us

Carl W. Lohmann

Carl W. Lohmann

Director of Student Conduct & Community Standards
Strebel Student Center
Office Suite 105B
315-792-3181 (fax)

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