Graduate Regalia - Caps, Gowns, and Hoods
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Graduate Regalia - Caps, Gowns, and Hoods

Students graduating with their Master's or Doctoral degree have special academic regalia for commencement, different from each other and from their undergraduate regalia.  All three robes are different, so it's important to know which degree you are receiving.  For both Master's and Doctoral degree regalia, a hood is an additional component with colors that represent the graduate's academic program and college/university, which goes around the neck and drapes down the back.  The hoods vary slightly in size depending of the level of degree.  Because hoods are a key component of the graduate academic regalia, stoles will not be allowed (stoles only can be worn with undergraduate regalia).  Doctoral graduates  wear a tam (soft-sided hat) instead of the traditional mortarboard cap.

Your academic regalia (cap, gown, and hood) must be ordered and purchased from the UC Bookstore. The regalia order form is part of the Commencement RSVP.  Ordering your regalia is a three-step process: (1) reserving your regalia based on size and academic program by March 15, (2) arranging payment with the UC Bookstore, and (3) arranging pickup or shipping of your regalia with the UC Bookstore.  You will be asked to take a brief survey before being connected to the regalia order form.  Orders MUST be placed by the March 15, 2018 deadline to ensure receipt in time for participation in commencement!

How to wear your regalia:

On the day of the ceremony graduates should wear or bring their regalia with them to the ceremony venue. Prior to the start of the ceremony you should be wearing your gown and cap (the tassel should hang on your left side), the hood should be draped over your left arm and it will be placed on you during the ceremony. Please make sure that cord the back of the hood is un-buttoned to make it easier for the Dean and Program Director to place over your head.

*At the Graduate Commencement Ceremony, graduates are not permitted to decorate their caps or any other parts of their regalia. If any part of your regalia is decorated or altered the commencement staff will direct you to the UC Bookstore table where you will need to purchase replacement pieces.

Borrowing regalia from a previous UC graduate:

Due to changes in vendors and color the Office of Graduate Studies will need to verify that the regalia you are borrowing is uniform with what we currently use. If you wish to borrow regalia from a previous UC graduate you must contact the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) at or 315-792-3335 and provide them with the name, program, and graduation year of the student you wish to borrow from. Please note if your request is granted OGS will need to take your RSVP over the phone (you will not be able to submit it online) and you will still need to purchase a new tassel for the cap with the correct year. Also if the regalia you wish to borrow is from a different academic program than you will need to purchase the correct hood from the UC Bookstore. If your request is denied you will need to purchase a full set.

Master's Degree Regalia
   > Master's gown, includes mortarboard cap w/tassel
   > Master's hood

Doctoral Degree Regalia

   > Doctoral gown, includes doctoral tam
   > Doctoral hood

The Regalia Order form has been combined with the Attendance Notification - RSVP form to streamline the process. 

NOTE:  Graduating students must remember to bring their academic regalia with them to the commencement ceremony.  Should your luggage be lost while traveling to commencement, a very limited number of extra caps, gowns, and hoods will be available for purchase at check-in the day of the ceremony (cash, check, or credit only - debit cards not accepted that day.


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