Welcome to the Accelerated Bachelor of Science Nursing (ABSN) Program!

Welcome to the Accelerated Bachelor of Science Nursing (ABSN) Program!

ABSN Program - New Students

Tuition Deposit & Financial Aid

In order to reserve your place in the upcoming cohort, you are required to pay a $150 tuition deposit. Please check with your success coach for tuition deposit deadlines. This deposit informs us of your intention to start the program. 

There are three ways to pay this deposit:
  1. Attach a check to the tuition deposit card that you will receive in the mail.
  2. Attach your credit card information to the tuition deposit card that you will receive in the mail.
  3. Pay online using our secure payment site at: utica.edu/payment. If you elect to pay online, please select tuition deposit as the payment type and make sure to enter your Banner ID during the process.
  4. Call your financial aid counselor (contact information below) and make payment over the phone.
Those students that do not pay their deposit by the deadline will be dropped from the acceptance queue.

For more information about this online-based program, visit Utica College's ABSN Web site.

Your First Steps

After paying your $150 non-refundable tuition deposit, please visit utica.edu/firststeps and accomplish Step #2 and Step #3. Make sure to write down your Banner ID and your Student Financial Services password, you will need both to continue.

Once complete, come back to this page and review the remaining steps below. 

Provisionally Accepted Students

Those students that have been provisionally accepted into the ABSN program, please visit this site for information on the terms of your provisional acceptance. 

Success Coaching - We are committed to your success!

Utica College understands that being an adult learner can be a challenge. To help make your experience at UC as friendly and helpful as possible, you will be assigned a single point of contact - a Success Coach who will assist you with curricular information, course sequencing, registration information, policies, and procedures. 

ABSN - Success Coaches:
For all St. Pete students and Syracuse students in Semester 4:
Jessica Dvoracsek, M.M.
Email:  jhdvorac@utica.edu
Phone: (727) 288-2787

For all Miramar students:
Eva Cabrera

Email: ebcabrer@utica.edu
Phone: (754) 206-6024

For Syracuse students in Semesters 1 - 3:
Kristan Johnson
Email: kljohnso1@utica.edu
Phone: (315) 930-3508

Assistant Director of Success Operations:
Jenna Urbanke, MBA
Email: jurbank@utica.edu
Phone: (315) 792-3318

Financial Services

For specific questions about financial aid, funding your program, or any other financial matter, please contact your financial services counselor:

Mr. Kyle Dempster

Email: kjdempst@utica.edu
Phone: (315) 792-3400

Official Correspondences from Utica College

All official correspondences from the college will be sent to your Utica College email address (which you will soon set up). We encourage you to check this email often.

Required Health Forms 

Required health forms will be provided to you by your Success Coach, after your deposit is paid. 

ABSN Program Handbook

ABSN Program Handbook includes necessary information for the successful completion of the ABSN program.

"The College reserves the right to make such changes as it determines, in its sole discretion, to be necessary or advisable in its regulations, course offerings, staff, and financial policies without notice. Changes to rules and policies may occur at any time and could be applied to currently matriculated students." For more information, please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog at http://catalog.utica.edu/

Welcome to Utica College !

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