President's Greeting To Parents

A Welcome Message from Dr. Laura Casamento


On behalf of everyone here at Utica College, I wish to extend my warmest welcome to you and your family.

As the mother of two proud UC graduates, I understand the key role parents play in helping students get the most out of their college experience. Our faculty and professional staff are fully dedicated to your child's success, and the depth of that commitment is an important part of what makes this institution unique. But your active participation in the transformative process of higher learning can make a tremendous difference. That has been my experience, both with my own children and with the many families I have had the privilege of serving through my time at UC.

At Utica College, students encounter many opportunities to gain knowledge, expand their horizons, and test their abilities. They benefit from an academic and social atmosphere that is both challenging and supportive. They work with scholars and professionals who are at the top of their respective fields - skilled educators who take a personal interest in their students' success.

Just as importantly, UC students gain exposure to new ideas and new experiences through interaction with people from every corner of America and more than 40 countries. They also have the opportunity to build friendships with many who share their interests, values, and goals.

Now that you are a part of the UC family, I hope you will accept my personal invitation to be a frequent visitor to our campus. All of us at UC look forward to the privilege of helping you stay connected with your son or daughter throughout his or her time here.

Best regards,

Dr. Laura Casamento, President of Utica College

Laura Casamento, Ed.D.

 Dr. Laura Casamento, President of Utica College

"Our faculty and professional staff are fully dedicated to your child's success, but your active participation in their experience at UC can make a tremendous difference."

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