Commencement is the celebration honoring the academic achievements, through hard work and dedication, of the students graduating from Utica College.  For those students participating in each ceremony, the campus store is here to make sure you're dressed your best for the event!

Keep up to date on the undergraduate and graduate ceremonies by visiting the colleges official Commencement Webpage.

Students that wish to participate in their commencement ceremony must RSVP and order their regalia online.  Please take note of the deadlines for submitting your RSVP and regalia orders (especially for custom accessories) if you plan to attend your ceremony.  For more information on submitting your RSVP and regalia order, please select the appropriate link:

For more information about the regalia and accessories, see below.

Hours of Operation

The campus store attends both the undergraduate and graduate ceremonies.  The store is open the day of the graduate ceremony and closed on the day of the undergraduate ceremony.  The exact hours of operation will be updated and posted a few months prior to next year's ceremonies.


Graduates will be dressed in navy blue gowns.  Each undergraduate student will receive a cap, gown, and tassel with year date.  Each masters student will receive a navy cap, navy gown, tassel, and hood (color specific to denote the student's major). Each doctoral student will receive blue gown with orange chevrons, navy and teal hood (representing the physical therapy program), and a fine quality navy tam with gold tassel.


There are several additional items that the campus store offers.  While they are not mandatory for participation, they serve to accent and enhance the graduation experience!
Commemorative Tassel
Commemorative Tassel

Commemorative Tassel

Show your school colors with pride!  While the commemorative tassel cannot be worn at either ceremony, it's the ideal portable keepsake item.

The stole of gratitude is for our undergraduate students to display the achievement of their hard work during the commencement ceremony.  On the right side, we silkscreen the student's major.  On the left side, we have embroidered the school logo.  Wear this item proudly!

Note: the stole of gratitude is permitted for wear at the undergraduate ceremony only.  The stole is not permitted to be worn at the graduate ceremony.

Nursing Pins

Rhodium Plated (left) Gold Plated (right)
Pictured Above:
Gold Plated and Rhodium Plated
As a graduate of the Utica College Nursing program, the pin symbolizes a nursing student's well-earned achievement.  Received at the pinning ceremony, this high honor welcomes graduates into the nursing profession. Available at the campus store, students can select a variety of high quality finishes for their pin.
  • Nursing pin purchases include a complementary engraving of the student's initials and the year of graduation.
  • Nursing pins are available in the following finishes:
    1. Gold Plated
    2. Rhodium (silver) Plated
    3. Sterling Silver
    4. Single Gold Filled (Yellow/White)
    5. Double Gold Filled (Yellow/White)
    6. 10K Gold (Yellow/White)
    7. 14K Gold (Yellow/White)
Pricing for our pins is subject to change.  Please contact the store for more information.  Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

Class Rings
The campus store has partnered with Jostens for all of your alumni needs.
Please visit their website or call them at (800) 854-7464.
  • Flowers
  • To celebrate each commencement ceremony, the campus store is happy to offer flowers for the occasion.  As the ceremony approaches, students and their families can pre-order bouquets online.  Click here to find out more info. Please email any questions to

Apparel, Gifts, and Diploma Frames

The campus store website has all of your commencement gifts and gear, including diploma frames.  Click


to check out our selections. 

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