Major in Philosophy

Major in Philosophy

You Belong Here

You’re fascinated by the big questions: Why are we here? What should we believe? What’s right and what’s wrong? You enjoy deconstructing problems in order to find solutions. You know that knowledge is more than a set of facts. Philosophy may be the major for you.

3 Academic Minors:

Philosophy, Healthcare Ethics, and Philosophy of Justice

Why UC?

The philosophy major at Utica College enables students to develop crucial capacities that provide a basis for successful living. The ability to think clearly with insight is essential when evaluating the competing claims of alternative value systems and world views. Taught by a highly accomplished faculty, our programs cultivate ethical decision-making, critical thinking, effective communication, and a deeper level of insight.

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What You’ll Learn

The philosophy curriculum offers a thorough grounding in the history of philosophy, ethics, logic and critical thinking. An examination of the nature and historical development of the most fundamental ideas of Western philosophy is included, as is the systematic study of major theories of ethics and logical and epistemological principles. Students receive intensive training in the main subfields of philosophy:

  • ethics
  • logic
  • epistemology (theories of belief and knowledge)
  • metaphysics (theories of reality)
  • political philosophy (theories of justice)
  • history of philosophy

Learn more:

Are you interested in...

  • The best way to live?
  • What makes a just society?
  • Forming good arguments?
  • Analyzing ethical case studies?
  • The ethics of emerging science and technology?
  • Social and political philosophy?
  • Thinking logically?
  • Ethical issues in the workplace?
  • Understanding human nature?
  • Whether there is a God?
  • The history of ideas?

If so, philosophy may be the program for you.

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A Degree that Works

Philosophy majors develop knowledge and skills that can be applied to a broad range of career paths, including law, public administration, research, corporate administration, teaching, and more. UC philosophy alumni have taken leadership positions at:

  • Sun Life Financial
  • Wagner College
  • New York State Capital Defender's Office
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society

"For no light matter is at stake; the question concerns the very manner in which human life is to be lived."  - Plato

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