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About This Program

Utica College’s nationally recognized cybersecurity program equips students with skills they need to be on the forefront of the information intelligence industry.

Why Utica College

With the demand for cybersecurity experts higher than ever and growing, a degree from Utica College, a national leader in cyber education, will give you the edge today’s employers want. The BS Cybersecurity program is available both online and on campus.

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Cybersecurity at Utica

Career Opportunities

UC’s cybersecurity alumni have gone on to successful careers in:
    • Corporate and Industrial Security
    • Law Enforcement
    • Government Intelligence Services
    • Homeland Security
    • and More!
Cybersecurity National Recognition Seals

National Designations For Excellence

Proud to be designated a National Center for Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the National Security Agency & Department of Homeland Security and a National Center of Digital Forensics Academic Excellence by the Defense Cyber Crime Center.
Student at computer in Joseph Giordano Cybersecurity class 0090


Student choose from specializations in four key areas of cyberscurity: Network Forensics and Intrustion Investigation, Information Assurance, Cybercrime and Fraud Investigation, and Cyber Operations.

What You'll Learn

Year 1

  • CRJ 101 - Seminar in Justice Studies (1)
  • CRJ 103 - Introduction to Criminal Justice (3)
  • PHI 107 - Ethics (3)
  • MAT 147 - Mathematics for Cyber Security (3)

Year 2

  • CSC 207 - Linux for Security and Forensics (3)
  • CYB 205 - Software Foundations for Cybersecurity (3)
  • CYB 228 - Cyber Technology for Criminal Justice (3)
  • SOC 274 - Criminology (3)

Year 3

  • CYB 333 - Information Security (3)
  • CYB 362 - Information System Threats, Attacks, and Defense (3)
  • CRJ 335 - Cybercrime Law and Investigations (3)
  • GOV 341 - Jurisprudence of the Criminal Law (3)

Year 4

  • CRJ 461 - Proseminar in Justice Studies (3)
  • CRJ 470 - Criminal Justice - Internship (6 to 15)
  • CRJ 475 - Senior Project (3)

The cybersecurity program integrates learning in criminology, criminal justice, economic crime, and computer science. UC’s award-winning faculty brings a broad range of real-world experience to the classroom—and beyond. With their guidance, students learn how to communicate, work in teams, and solve problems leading cybersecurity experts face every day.

The program offers four specializations:

  • Network Forensics and Intrusion Investigation - Combines elements of computer science with computer forensics and vulnerability assessment. Learn to investigate cyber related incidents in a computer network environment.
  • Information Assurance – Gain an understanding of the wide range of vulnerabilities and threats that affect corporate and government computer networks and be prepared to protect critical information in cyberspace.
  • Cybercrime and Fraud Investigation - Learn the latest techniques used to accumulate data and evidence in prosecuting cybercrimes, such as credit card fraud, intellectual property theft, pedophilia, terrorism, hacking, and more.
  • Cyber Operations - Learn defensive and offensive tactics, techniques and procedures. Focus on computer programming, as well as operating systems, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.
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Cybersecurity Faculty

A Degree That Works

UC’s cybersecurity alumni have gone on to successful careers in corporate and industrial security, law enforcement, government intelligence services, homeland security, and more.

Utica College - DePerno Hall

Intensive Learning: Jared DeCrosta

An intensive learning experience featuring Cybersecurity major Jared DeCrosta, who works in Utica College's Northeast Cyber Forensics Center.

Student Voices: Kyle Carr '16

A conversation with Kyle Carr, a cybersecurity major with a minor in computer science, about studying computer forensics, participating in the Central New York Hackathon, and being a part of the Utica College community.

Cybersecurity at Utica College

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