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Bachelor of Science Degree • School of Business and Justice Studies

Studying Cybersecurity: The UC Advantage


Economic Crime and Justice Studies building

 cybersecurity major at Utica College offers the most extensive coursework in digital forensics and investigation currently available. It is an innovative, multidisciplinary program that provides the critical skills you need to succeed in this highly specialized profession.  

Part of UC's internationally respected suite of economic crime and justice studies programs, the cybersecurity and information assurance major is designed to address the growing demand for expertise in defending critical infrastructure - public and private - from the threat of cyberattack. It enables you to play a crucial role in this fight.  


The program integrates learning in criminology, criminal justice, economic crime, and computer science.

The curriculum features:
  • strong, diverse background study in liberal arts
  • development of skills for investigators and technologists
  • focus on writing, critical thinking, mathematics, statistics, and law
The program offers five specializations:
  • Network Forensics and Intrusion Investigation - Combines elements of computer science with computer forensics and vulnerability assessment. Learn to investigate cyber related incidents in a computer network environment.
  • Information Assurance – Gain an understanding of the wide range of vulnerabilities and threats that affect corporate and government computer networks and be prepared to protect critical information in cyberspace.
  • Cybercrime and Fraud Investigation - Learn the latest techniques used to accumulate data and evidence in prosecuting cybercrimes, such as credit card fraud, intellectual property theft, pedophilia, terrorism, hacking, and more.
  • Homeland Security and Emergency Management - Gain an understanding of public administration and technology challenges related to homeland security, counter-terrorism and emergency management, as well as the national incident management system.
  • Cyber Operations - Learn defensive and offensive tactics, techniques and procedures. Focus on computer programming, as well as operating systems, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.
UC's cybersecurity major is:
  • taught by accomplished professionals with extensive experience in the field
  • supported by advanced forensic technologies and research resources available in UC's state-of-the-art Economic Crime, Justice Studies, and Cybersecurity facility 
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Program Student Learning Goals

Online Program

The cybersecurity and information assurance major also offers an option for online study. For details, see online cybersecurity program details > 

Utica College also offers a master's program in cybersecurity - intelligence and forensics with specializations in intelligence, forensics and cyber operations.

Career Outcomes

The cybersecurity and information assurance major at Utica College prepares you for career-track positions in a range of fields, including:
  • Corporate and industrial security
  • Law enforcement
  • Government intelligence services
  • Banking and finance
  • Homeland security well as graduate study in related disciplines.