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Welsh Americans

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Welsh Dragon Central New York is home to one of the largest and oldest Welsh communities in the United States and the Welsh-language newspaper
Y Drych.

Utica College's Harry F. Jackson Welsh Collection is the largest collection of 19th and 20th century Welsh-language literature in the United States.

Welsh scholars regularly visit Utica College to research this collection, most of which was printed by Welsh who chose to settle in Oneida County. Most of this material has been microfilmed, and plans are to digitize and place the information on the Internet for access by scholars around the world. To access an essay and a bibliographic catalog of that collection, click here.

Utica College maintains academic ties with the University of Aberystwyth in Wales and has hosted several Welsh scholars researching topics as varied as the role of Welsh singing societies in America, Welsh participation in the American Civil War, and Welsh publishing in America.

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