Ethnic Heritage Studies Center

Ethnic Heritage Studies Center

The Eugene Paul Nassar
Ethnic Heritage Studies Center

Central New York's history was created by a succession of people of differing nationalities, cultures, and religions that created new lives for themselves and in the process shaped the fabric of the American mosaic.

Founded in 1981 by Utica College Professor Eugene Nassar, the Eugene Paul Nassar Ethnic Heritage Studies Center serves as a focal point for research, teaching, and public service related to ethnicity in American life. Its objectives are:

  • To develop a library and other teaching resources in the field of ethnic studies
  • To promote the collection of historical and cultural materials
  • To support the publication of occasional papers, monographs, and other items on topics related to ethnic studies

  • To develop bibliographic references for area libraries, historical societies, and organizations housing research materials on ethnic studies

  • To work with community organizations toward the preservation and dissemination of information on the ethnic experience in central New York
  • To cooperate with The History Project and the Center for Historical Research sponsored by the Utica College History Department

Ethnic Heritage Studies Committee

The Ethnic Heritage Studies Committee is responsible for the center's activities. You can e-mail members by clicking on the following links:

Juan A. Thomas, Ph.D., Spanish (Director) 
John Bartle, Ph.D., Russian
Frank Bergmann, Ph.D., English and German (Director Emeritus)
Sherri Cash, Ph.D., History
James S. Pula, Ph.D., History (Director Emeritus)
Elizabeth Nassar, M.A. Director of Business Development Online and Extended Studies

Ethnic Groups

Click on the links below for information on the following ethnic groups:
Armenian Americans
Bosnian Americans
German Americans
Hispanic Americans
Italian Americans
Jewish Americans
Lebanese and Syrian Americans
Polish Americans
Welsh Americans

The ethnic diversity of the Utica area is documented by James S. Pula, ed., Ethnic Utica (2002), which has essays on the African American, Bosnian, German, Irish, Italian, Jewish, Oneida Indian, Polish, Syrian and Lebanese, Ukrainian, and Welsh communities.

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Juan A. Thomas, Ph.D.

Juan A. Thomas, Ph.D.


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