Cable TV Information

Utica College Cable Television for on Campus Residential Students

Ramada Hall

Residents in the Ramada location receive television through Ramada’s agreement with their cable company.  They use cable converters to digitally tune channels.

Main Campus

The Utica College’s digital cable system requires all televisions to have a Clear QAM (CQAM) tuner. Most, but not all televisions made after 2009 will have a CQAM tuner, the only way to know is be looking in your owner's manual or checking your television's specs online.  You have to scan for digital channels before viewing the new channel lineup.

How do I know if my TV has a tuner?

Devices labeled as a display, monitor, or home theater display may not include a tuner. You can search online by make/model of your TV or reference your TV’s owner’s manual for specific model information related to what type of tuner is present in your TV.

An example of what the manual may say if the TV has a QAM tuner: “Built in digital tuner Clear QAM. Additionally, if your TV remote has the (.) or (-) symbol button for easy tuning or is able to display channels such as 5.2 or 5-2, your TV likely has a QAM tuner.

If your manual does not mention a CQAM tuner, the TV likely does not have one. Some of the common Televisions that may be missing a QAM tuner (or have poor tuners that may not pick up every channel include)
· Apex
· Colby
· Dynex
· Element
· Haier
· Insignia
· Seiki
· Sylvania
· Visio
· Westinghouse

What if my Television does not have a CQAM tuner?

Time Warner, now Spectrum, does not have a supported conversion box, but has indicated TVs that don’t have an internal CQAM tuner, can buy an inexpensive digital to analog converter at retail electronic stores.

Why did Utica College change to CQAM?

Our local cable provider is making this transition across all update New York colleges. This was not an option, but should provide a better signal across campus.

What about Cable Box, DVR, and other set top boxes?

With Digital HD CQAM service Student Residents will not have the ability to upgrade service to Cable Boxes, DVRs, Pay-Per-View, or Movies On-Demand.

Here is a link to the new channel lineup

.  Don’t forget to reprogram your Televisions by re-scanning for channels. (The new channel lineup is not fully implemented, many of the new channels are already available)

What if I have a problem with setting up my television services?

  1. Contact the Community Solutions Group: (844) 725-4339
  2. When asked for your 10 digit Phone number enter or say, 315-792-3285
  3. If asked, Enter or say Zip Code: 13502
  4. When prompted say Technical support
  5. If asked, for more details Say TV
Account Information you may need:
Utica College Dorms
1600 Burrstone Rd
Utica, NY 13502-4857

Let us know if Spectrum, was helpful by entering a ticket.

Common Problems

Symptom: I am seeing fuzzy/snowy display and only receive 3 or less stations? There are two common problems.

Problem 1 : Your television scanned for Analog Channels.
Resolution: Make sure you select Scan for Digital Channels. (check your user manual, manufacture website for instructions for your model)

Problem 2: You ran a Digital Chanel Scan, or Digital Scan was not an option.
Resolution: If you are confident you used the appropriate scanning method then your television does not have a QAM tuner. Obtain a television with a QAM tuner or get an external QAM tuner. If you are unsure, call the Community Solutions Group listed above.

Symptom: I see a pixelated/scrambled signal, one that looks like square/rectangular boxes, or a display that indicates there is weak or no signal.

Problem: There is a signal issue.
Resolution: If using a splitter, try running the signal directly from the wall into the back of your television. If you are still having problems, call the College and University Support line listed above.


Integrated Information Technology Services
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Lower Level

(315) 792-3835
(315) 792-3814 (Fax)
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