Recommended Course Schedule

Recommended Course Schedule


In what semester should you be taking specific computer science courses?

Below is a general plan showing which semester a particular computer science course could be taken. There are many factors that go into determining what is best for any individual student so the following should be used as a general guideline only. Each student should work with a computer science faculty member to design a schedule that meets his or her individual needs. Note that only the major course requirements are shown below. Major-related (Mathematics 201, Mathematics 202 and Philosophy 108) and courses required for the concentration and general education core are not shown in the framework below. Note also that this plan assumes that you are at Utica College for eight semesters. It would be difficult to create this kind of a plan for transfer students. Therefore, if you are a transfer student it is important for you to work with your advisor to create a schedule that makes sense for you.

Freshman Year

 Fall  Spring
 CSC 101  CSC 102
 CSC 116  CSC 301
 CSC 201  

Sophomore Year

 Fall  Spring
 CSC 316  CSC 303
 CSC 323  

Junior Year

 Fall  Spring
 CSC 322  CSC 425
 CSC 325  

Senior Year

 Fall  Spring 
 CSC 343   CSC 433

Prerequisites For Computer Science Courses


  • Advising Form for Computer Science Major can be found HERE.
  • Academic Requirements for Computer Science can be found HERE.
  • The information about Core Requirements and Core Exemption Criteria can be found HERE.
  • Utica College Catalogs can be found HERE.

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