Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a prerequisite?

A prerequisite is a requirement that you must satisfy before you can take a particular course. For example, CSC 101 is the prerequisite for CSC 102. This means that you cannot sign up for CSC 102 until you have successfully completed CSC 101. Check the "Recommended Course Schedule" link on the left for more information.

2. In what semester should I be taking specific computer science courses?

Check the "Recommended Course Schedule" link on the left.

3. How is my advisor chosen?

A secretary in the Arts and Science division office (room 286 Gordon Science Center) assigns an advisor to you based on the number of advisees each faculty member currently has. A student can request that a particular faculty member be his or her advisor simply by telling one of the division secretaries of your choice.

4. What kinds of work will I be doing if I earn a computer science degree?

The work that you maybe doing with a computer science degree is Programming, Networking, Information Technology things. Types of Jobs and Place that you maybe able to work if you get a computer science degree are listed under the Job opporituties and Co-ops.

5. How much money can I earn if I graduate with a computer science degree?

Check the "Employment Opportunities" link on the left.

6. How can I become a computer science major at Utica College?

* For new students simply state on the application form that you want to be a computer science major.
* For current students, go to the Arts and Science Division office in room 268 Gordon Science Center and ask one of the secretaries for a change of major/declaration of major form. Fill it out and hand it to the secretary.

7. Who can I contact to learn more about Utica College's computer science major?

Angel Rivera 
Chair of Computer Science 
Phone: (315) 792-5291

8. How can I arrange a visit to Utica College?

Check the "How to Apply" link on the left

Contact Us

Dr. Angel Rivera

Dr. Angel Rivera

Chair of Computer Science
191 Gordon Science Center
(315) 792-5291

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