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Tuition and Fees - ABSN Program

Detailed tuition and fees for our Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

ABSN Program - Total ESTIMATED cost (4 semesters)*

Tuition - $850.00 per credit hour 

One-Time New Student Enrollment Fee - $375.00

Program Fees - $340.00 per semester

Book Fee (Total) - $2,971.00

ABSN StudentsTuition and Fees
Semester 1 - 13 Credit Hours 
Tuition - per semester$11,050.00
Program Fee - per semester$340.00
Book Fee$1,160.00
Total Cost Semester 1$12,550.00
Semester 2 - 17 Credit Hours 
Tuition - per semester$14,450.00
Program Fee - per semester$340.00
Book Fee$1,140.00
Total Cost Semester 2$15,930.00
Semester 3 - 16 Credit Hours 
Tuition - per semester$13,600.00
Program Fee - per semester$340.00
Book Fee$437.00
Total Cost Semester 3$14,377.00
Semester 4 - 16 Credit Hours 
Tuition - per semester$13,600.00
Program Fee - per semester$340.00
Book Fee (effective Fall 2021; no book fee for Summer 2021)$234.00
Total Cost Semester 4$14,174.00

Total Program Cost: $57,406.00

*The Total Program Cost is based on successful completion of each semester.  Repeating a course will cost additional funds.  All students are required to have health insurance coverage while attending the ABSN Program.  If you do not have health insurance coverage outside of the school, you will be enrolled in the school’s health insurance plan, and pay a separate Student Health Insurance Fee.  This document is based on the ESTIMATED cost of the ABSN Program as of 2/17/2021, and amounts are subject to change.

Fees include:

  • Uniforms (1 set of scrubs)  effective spring 19 (3 sets of scrubs)
  • Original Photo ID Badge
  • Kaplan Testing
  • General College Fees (technology fee, graduation fee, student activity fee, malpractice fees, lab fees)

What costs are NOT COVERED and billable? 

  • **Health Insurance (required to carry)
    Fall 2020: $794
    Spring 2021: $622
    Summer 2021: $479

What costs are NOT COVERED and non-billable?

  • Transportation: $859
  • Living Expenses: $5,018
  • Personal Expenses: $550

*College reserves the right to make changes to its published tuition and fees when necessary.

**Health insurance is required for all students in the program.  Utica College will charge your account to ensure the requirement.  If you carry your own health insurance, this charge can be waived at

(NOTE: You will be asked to upload an image (back/front) of your health insurance card to the Student Health Insurance Waiver portal. Please ensure that the image file size is less than 2MB.)

Health Insurance Waiver Deadlines:

  • Summer 2020 deadline - 05/18/2020
  • Fall 2020 deadline - 09/30/2020
  • Spring 2021 deadline - 01/26/2021

This will be verified by Haylor.  Students who have been found to not have health insurance will automatically be re-enrolled in UC's Health Plan and will be charged accordingly. 

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