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Faculty and Staff Resources

The Counseling Center at UC. What can WE do for YOU?

The Counseling Center is located within the Student Wellness Center on the second floor of the Strebel Student Center, room 204.  We are open Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00p.m, and a counselor on-call is available after hours and on the weekends/over holidays by contacting Campus Safety at extension 3046. Registered students have access to a counselor for crisis situations 24/7 if need be.
If a student is not currently registered for classes, we are not able to meet with them, however can provide local counseling/emergency resources. 

Our staff is comprised of professionally trained clinicians, licensed by the State of New York, who can assist students with a wide variety of concerns. We have extensive experience in an array of challenges including: grief/trauma work, anxiety management, alcohol/drug counseling, depression, and suicide assessment.  We are here to assist students adjust to college life, overcome stressful life situations, and also to help make difficult life decisions.  Additionally, we are here to support faculty/staff learn ways to more effectively support, communicate and/or work with difficult or struggling students.

 Some examples of the types of things we help students with include:

  • Alcohol/substance abuse concerns 
  • Anger management 
  • Anxiety 
  • Date rape/Sexual Assault 
  •  Depression
  •  Eating disorders
  • Family problems
  • Grief and loss
  • Homesickness
  •  Relationship problems
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Roommate conflict
  •  Self esteem
  • Self-harming behaviors
  • Sexual identity
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Trauma (PTSD)

More specific services we can offer your students are:
  • Presentations on effective communication, conflict resolution and/or relationship building skills
  •  How to stay safe when going out to a party or out on a date
  •  Ways to improve your concentration
  • How to overcome social anxiety
  •  How to help a friend in need
  •  How to have a difficult conversation with a friend/family member
  •   Fun stress relieving activities
  • Appropriate use of social media (how posting/commenting/joining a certain group can lead to negative outcomes)
  • And much more!


How to contact us:

To schedule a counselor to attend your class, or to refer a student, please contact:

Alison Franklin, Director

If a student is interested in obtaining information or in scheduling an appointment, please have them contact the Counseling Center via phone, email or face-to-face:

Strebel 204


What to do in an emergency

In case of an emergency, please refer to the Crisis Intervention section of this site.

To refer a student:

To make a referral to the Counseling Center, please fill out this form completely (click on the icon below).  Someone will be in touch with the student within 2 business days.  If you do not think it can wait 2 business days, please contact our office immediately. 


Recognizing Distress

Students exhibit signs of distress in a  variety of ways, including:

*Disruptive behavior

*Changes in academic performance

*Depressed or elevated mood

*Changes in classroom participation

*Anxiety or difficulty sitting still

*Expressing suicidal thoughts or plans

*Threat of violence

*Multiple requests for special consideration

*Withdrawal from peers, activities

*Major changes in sleep/nutrition

*Excessive absence

*Hostility, inappropriate outbursts

Responding to Distress

*Respond immediately to problem behaviors before they increase

*Consult and seek advice when needed

*Keep interactions with students calm and respectful

*Document problem behaviors in writing

* Clearly state expectations for

appropriate  classroom behavior

*Utilize UC’s Early Warning System

* Suggest additional services  as appropriate           

How you can help

There are a number of reasons why a student might not be performing to his or her ability. Often, students don’t even understand themselves why they are struggling. What may look like laziness, disinterest, or lack of participation could, in fact, be symptoms of some deeper issues.

No one expects faculty to act as therapists. Even so, your observations and interactions with students provide a natural vehicle for assisting students in getting the help they need.

Sometimes, the answer is simply to make an adjustment that allows the student to have an extended deadline, alternative testing methods, or other assistance. In other instances, while these adjustments may address the  issues on the surface, deeper issues persist. There is another level of support available.

If you are concerned about a student,  call the Counseling Center at  
(315) 792-3094 or  email us at counseling@utica.edu. We will work with you and the student to formulate a plan to address those concerns.

Unless it is an emergency, please do not bring the student to our office. Please either have the student contact us to make an appointment or complete the counseling referral form/contact Alison Franklin.  
If it is an emergency, please contact Campus Safety and ask for the counselor on-call.

What to say to your student

Except in an emergency, the most important thing is to present your concern so that the student can freely accept, consider, or refuse your recommendation. Some people need time to think over the decision to seek  counseling. A caring and gentle suggestion is usually enough. Here are some possible conversation starters:

“You seem very upset; is there something wrong? Do you have someone to talk to?   Perhaps it might help to talk to one of the counselors on campus?Students say it’s a good place.”

“If you like, you could use my phone right now to call the Counseling Center to make an appointment with a counselor.” 

To learn additional ways to more effectively support, communicate and/or work with difficult or struggling students, please contact us at anytime! 

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