Co-Curricular Transcripts FAQ

Co-Curricular Transcripts FAQ

Co-Curricular Transcripts

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

The Co-Curricular Transcript is a comprehensive record of a student's leadership experiences and campus involvement while an undergraduate student.  It is a supplement to their academic transcript in that it keeps track of the involvements throughout their college career along with the dates and any personal reflections associated with the particular involvements.

What goes on it?

While an academic transcript is a document detailing the classes you've taken, their dates and the grade you received, the co-curricular transcript should have the experiences you participated in that added to your knowledge and interaction skills, along with their dates and a personal reflection explaining how it made you feel, what you learned, or something you gained.  Some activities are automatically populated to your transcript, though you can also manually add any involvements to enhance your involvement record.


Why should I use it?

The Co-Curricular Transcript is a document of non-academic activities that encourages students to reflect on the skills and values they learn through involvement outside the classroom.  It is designed as a means of recognizing and tracking out-of-class learning, development, and contributions during a students’ college career.

This is an excellent way to record co-curricular accomplishments in order to evaluate your career choices and get ahead when applying to jobs and looking for internships.  You don't have to strain to remember everything you did early on if you add experiences as they happen and use the co-curricular transcript to help create your resume.

Especially if you add reflections to a post, you'll better remember how that particular experience enhanced your education and can use those to create more documents like cover letters and personal statements.

How do I make one?

Any Student Organizations, sports, offices, and committees you’re involved with that have a Pioneer Place account will automatically be posted on your personal co-curricular transcript.  It will update which positions you have held and keep track of how long you’re a member.

To add additional accomplishments to your Co-Curricular Transcript in Pioneer Place, go the the "My Involvement" tab in the navigation bar on your user profile page, and click on “Experiences.” Each experience you create will also appear on the transcript automatically.

Can I personalize it for me?

When saving and printing transcript copies, you can hide certain experiences or take away entire topics to make the content appropriate for your use at the time.  You can create multiple copies of your transcript too, and save them as real PDF documents to use to supplement resumes and internship or job applications.

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