Competency Learning Outcomes

Competency Learning Outcomes

Student Development Co-Curricular Competency Learning Outcomes

Each co-curricular competency is met by assessing whether students have accomplished the learning outcomes associated with that particular competency.  Assessment is done through combining student reflections from co-curricular transcripts with the event and club or organization participation on Pioneer Place.


At this time, the Division of Student Affairs is in transition as we re-evaluate the learning outcomes associated with our divisional competencies.

We strive to create the best learning experiences for our students.

All the competencies also line up with the larger institutional goals, also known as Utica College's Academic Promise: The 5 Key Intellectual Skills.

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Karen Ferrer-Muniz, M.A.

Karen Ferrer-Muniz, M.A.

Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

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