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The Micro Art Gallery

The Micro Art Gallery is open to Student Organizations throughout the year to showcase events, the purpose of the organization, and other various information the organization wants to advertise.

Reserving the Micro Art Gallery

The Micro Art Gallery is now being reserved through EMS. Reserving the Micro Art Gallery is just like reserving space for events:
Log into EMS with your banner username and password and hover over "reservations" on the tool bar to the right.
Select "Room Request" and fill-in the request form.
The Micro Art Gallery space is labeled "Left Side of Micro Art Gallery" in the drop down menu.

Micro Art Gallery Policy 

Only organizations can reserve the Micro Art Gallery.

An organization can reserve up to 2 weeks per semester. Whether they are consecutive or not.

At the end of the reservation (in most cases this is a Friday), the organization must clear out the Micro Art Gallery. This needs to happen during Student Activities Office business hours. Hours can be found to the right of this page.

We ask that you leave the gallery the way you received it or better. In order for a smooth transition into the next reservation.

Organizations are responsible for what they put in and take out of the Micro Art Gallery. Student Activities does not store any items.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact The Student Activities Office at (315)792-3037 or email us at