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Save Big on Books

Bundle Your Books ... And Save A Bundle.

Your cost of attendance now includes all textbooks! 

Utica College wants to make sure you're ready to succeed from day one. We're also dedicated to making your college experience more affordable.

That's why we have built textbooks into your total cost of attendance,* which makes preparing for the Spring** semester simpler and actually saves you money. So when you arrive on campus this Spring, all of your books will be bundled and ready for you, saving you up to 30% on your textbooks.

Whether you're just joining the Utica College community or returning for the spring semester, you'll find bundling your materials to be quicker, safer, and more efficient than every before. We've adjusted everything, except the incredible savings for students.

  • Scheduled pick-up times for materials and increased pick-up stations that keep students safe while saving you money
  • Quicker, more personal service
  • Increased integration with Engage
  • Extended Bookstore hours
  • Off-hours order fulfillment to get orders to students faster
  • Books secured earlier from publishers to increase student access to materials


No shopping. Just enroll and it's done.   

Bundling your books is automatic. When you enroll for the Spring Semester, we'll assemble everything you need to succeed in one convenient package - just pick it up when you get here. How easy is that?

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* The textbook fee will appear on your bill as a separate item, charged at a flat rate of $26 per credit hour or $390 for 15 credits.

**If you have a class in the winter session, book bundling does not apply. Winter session materials can be purchased as-needed through the bookstore.

***The deadline to opt-out is the last day to add/drop classes. For students in on-ground programs that is January 29 and for students in online programs that is January 22. Students may choose to opt-out by logging into bannerweb > Student Services > Opt-Outs > Select Term > Select Opt-Out All Access Book Fee    

Do you have to opt out of the Book Bundle every semester?  

Yes, each semester an opt out will need to be submitted to remove the fee.


Will all supplemental lab items be included? 

All required course materials will be provided by the All Access fee. “Recommended” or “Suggested” materials are not included.


Will students receive their books prior to the start of classes? 

Yes, materials will be ready before the start of classes.


How can a student obtain or purchase a paper book instead of an electronic book? 

Physical versions of the book are available for purchase through the bookstore or online at www.utica-shop.com. There is no way to “upgrade” to a print version of the book within the All Access Program.


What is the e-delivery fee for students who have opted out of the book bundle? 

As digital course material solutions grow, Follett needs to support the growth and maintenance of the digital technology platform (BryteWave). The fee helps to cover these costs. It is intended to be used to directly support changes and improvements to BryteWave as there is now a tremendous increase in the number of students using the platform.


How do students receive their access codes and when do they arrive? 

The answer to this varies depending on the publisher. Below is a list of the codes generally ordered each semester. An email is generated when these are provisioned to the student (aside from McGraw-Hill and Wiley since no code is needed).

  • Pearson (MyLab, Revel): A unique access code will be on your BryteWave Digital Bookshelf automatically, please use the access code to validate your Pearson account per the instructions from your professor.
  • McGraw-Hill (Connect): Codeless which means McGraw-Hill is sent a list of students who are in the All Access program and automatically have their access authorized. Just follow the instructors direction to register for the Connect course.
  • Cengage (MindTap, Aplia, OWL): A unique access code will be on your BryteWave Digital Bookshelf automatically, please use the access code to validate your account per the instructions from your professor.
  • Wiley (WileyPlus): Codeless which means Wiley is sent a list of students who are in the All Access program and have their access automatically authorized. Just follow the instructors direction to register for the Connect course.
  • MacMillan (Launchpad): TBD
  • Physical Codes: These are physical access codes that must be picked up at the store.
    • Labster
    • Interpretive Simulations (BizCafe, NewShoes, Entrepreneur)
    • Shadow Health
    • ZyBooks
    • LiveText


Will there be clear instructions on how to order books if a student opts out?  Also, will all books or required materials for classes be available through the bookstore if a student opts out? 

For spring, the bookstore has added physical buying options to courses that offer only digital materials. This change will allow students to “recommended” materials (generally the physical version of the book) to their cart online quicker. There will still be more steps when adding All Access materials (lab manuals, physical All Access books 


Will there be assistance available for students to decide whether or not to opt in? Help with comparison shopping? (And will a complete fee/price list be available to students who decide to opt out. For example: some students who opted out were surprised to get a fee for e-book delivery that students who opted in did not get.) 

Students will be able to get a better picture of their course materials savings this spring as the bookstore has listed the optional pricing for many materials where possible. Students can put their materials into their online shopping cart and compare that to the All Access fee they were charged and then make an informed decision.


Is the “opt-out” option available to students enrolled in D2 only online courses?

Students who are registered for D2 only course(s) will have the ability to opt-out during the D2 add/drop period

What is the All-Access Book Bundle Program?

The All-Access Book Bundle program is operated by Utica College together with Follett Higher Education. Included as part of tuition, the All-Access Book Bundle program has been implemented to eliminate barriers that often hinder students from obtaining all the necessary materials to complete their courses. This program allows you to receive all your required course materials for one flat per credit hour fee that is substantially below the cost of buying each piece of course material separately.

How much does it cost?

The textbook fee is a part of the total tuition and fees and will appear on your bill as a separate item, charged at a flat rate of $26 per credit hour. Example $390 for 15 credits. The per credit hour fee rate is locked in for the 2020-2021 school year.

Who is eligible for this program?

All undergraduate Utica College students, on-ground and online will see this program on their tuition. Currently, graduate students and students in the ABSN nursing program are not included in this program.

How do I get enrolled?

All eligible students are automatically enrolled in this program, you will see the per credit hour fee reflected on your bill for the semester.

Do I have to use the program?

No, you may opt out of the program prior to the start of semester. You can opt-out by logging into BannerWeb and going to the Student Services tab. There you select Opt-Outs, choose the relevant term, and then select Opt-Out All Access Book Fee. 

NOTE: If you choose to opt out of the program, you will be responsible for obtaining your course materials on your own. The bookstore is available to assist where possible but be aware some materials are locked into the Access program and provisioning materials outside of the Access program can delay starting the term with the required materials.

How do I get my materials?

You will receive an email when your materials are ready for pick up, generally two weeks before the start of classes. This may include more than one notification depending on how the orders are fulfilled. Digital materials will be immediately available to you two weeks prior to the start of classes. Physical materials will be available for pick up as orders are fulfilled by the bookstore. Please check your UC email for updates on your materials.

What if I need my materials shipped?

The bookstore can ship your materials to you via UPS anywhere within the United States for only $5! Visit the following link: Follett Access Shipping Fee; enter your shipping address. The bookstore will ship them and send tracking to your email once it’s processed. For international shipping, please reach out to the bookstore (bookst@utica.edu) for a quote on shipping.

What materials are included in the program?

Prior to the start of each semester, faculty members identify any required materials associated with teaching their courses, the bookstore then partners with various publishers and vendors to determine the appropriate format to deliver the materials. The program primarily focuses on delivering materials in electronic format where possible This could include eBooks, digital courseware such as Pearson MyLab®, McGraw-Hill Connect®, Cengage MindTap®, among various other digital content. In instances where digital materials are unavailable, we will focus on offering physical books under a rental program (See below for more detail). Other physical materials such as art kits, lab kits, goggles, etc. will also be included with the per credit fee where applicable.

How do I access my digital resources?

Most digital materials will be accessible through brytewave.redshelf.com where you will sign in with your Utica College email address. You will receive an email containing instructions on how to access your materials from eFollett about 2 weeks prior to class start, please check your email (including the spam folder) for this notification. Courseware such as Pearson MyLab®, McGraw-Hill Connect®, Cengage MindTap® will require a link that will be sent to you from the publisher or your instructor.

Are books in this program purchased or rented?

The bookstore looks for the most cost-effective option for students. In most cases this will be a rented eBook. If a rented eBook is not available, then a purchased eBook is the next option. If neither of those options is feasible then purchased or rented hard-copy texts will be assigned.

How long can I keep my eBooks?

Generally, rented eBook access is available for 180 days after they’re assigned to you. After the 180 day period you will no longer have access to the material without purchasing it (at your own expense).

If the materials originally assigned were purchased, then you will have access to them indefinitely.

What happens if I have an incomplete and need an eBook for longer than the 180 days?

You can extend your rental at any point before the text is due back online through your rental account or by contacting the bookstore. There will be a small fee associated with the extension that students will be responsible to pay. 

If the materials originally assigned were purchased, then you will have access to them indefinitely.

What happens if I have to retake a class?

If you are required to retake a class, new materials will be provisioned for you again at the start of the next semester if you stay in the Access program.

What if I do not want eBooks?

While we understand that eBooks and digital materials may not be for everyone, they are a focus of this program in order to keep the fee as low as possible in order to provide the best value to students. Students who are in this program may obtain physical versions (at your own expense) for some of the materials at a discounted rate direct from the publisher. Please reach out to the bookstore (bookst@utica.edu or 315.792.3197) to inquire about these materials.

I got an email asking me to create an account using my credit card. What is that all about?

For physical book rentals, students will need to have a Follett rental account created that is associated with your Utica College email address. In order to create an account, a credit card will need to be provided as collateral and you must agree to the terms and conditions. The card will not be charged unless the rental books are not returned to the bookstore by the rental due date. The credit card holder may be different from the student i.e. a parent or relative may input their credit card information in instances where the student does not have one. Digital materials and physical course materials (kits and supplies) will not require a rental account.

I don’t have a credit card. How do I use the book bundle program?

Unfortunately, the rental portion of the Access program is not accessible without a credit card. If a rental account is not created, items cannot be provided to you. If you feel this is an issue, please contact your success coach. If you are a student in a program overseen by the Office of Opportunity Programs please contact the director of the program, John Ossowski at jdossows@utica.edu. If you are an international student please contact the Executive Director of International Education, Deborah Wilson-Allam at dlwilson@utica.edu.

What happens if I decide to keep a book at the end of the semester?

You can convert your rental texts to a purchase at any point before the text is due back, the student is responsible to pay the buyout price if they decide to keep the book. The buyout price will be on your receipt when the book is delivered at the beginning of the term. You can convert the book to a purchase online through your rental account or by contacting the bookstore.

My booklist has something called “Follett Access Credit Hour SKU”, what is that?

That is a placeholder title, nothing is provided or required for that course.

I have opted out of the program but the books on the website are still “locked," what do I do?

Opting out of the All Access program does not “unlock” the materials on the bookstore’s website. Materials are “locked” from direct purchase as most are specialty priced and therefore cannot be purchased outside of the program. You will need to manually search your materials on the bookstore’s website (utica-shop.com) and add them to your cart that way.

Can I use my College-issued iPad to read my eBooks?

Absolutely! The goal behind both programs is that you will have easy, convenient access to your eBooks and other electronic course materials through your iPad. Your iPad will come with the necessary tools to use your digital materials where possible. Full instructions on how to use your iPad to read your eBooks are available at brytewave.redshelf.com.

Do I have to use a College-issued iPad to read my e-books?

No, the eBooks will work with a wide range of compatible devices. Your books will be accessible on both Apple and Android tablets and phones, along with standard laptops and computers.

I am in the 4th year of a dual degree program in Health Sciences/Physical Therapy or Health Sciences/Occupational Therapy. Am I eligible for the All-Access book program?

No. Because students in this stage of these programs are taking graduate level courses, they are not eligible for the All-Access book program. You will need to opt out of this program.

For students who opt out where a digital book is only being offered, it appears they cannot buy it online, will they be able to purchase the code or whatever access is required in person from the bookstore? 

You can actually buy the materials online, however, it has to be done manually to avoid students from purchasing books they would normally receive within the Access program already. For the courses where only digital is being used the bookstore is working on adding non-Inclusive Access ISBNs for purchase. If you do not see the materials please reach out to the bookstore directly at bookst@utica.edu to bring attention to the matter. If the book is currently only offered physically in the Access program, such as novels, lab manuals, workbooks...etc., it quicker to order them online: 

  1. Search your course materials list online using your student ID.
  2. Copy the ISBNs of physical materials down to search it in the toolbar at the top of the webpage.
  3. Add the book to your bag in the condition you desire. You will be able to select new or used and in most cases a rental option.
  4. You can cash out using Book Line of Credit (BLoC), credit card, or PayPal at checkout.

**NOTE: This is a manual process, however, it allows students to purchase materials online.

For students who opt out, they will have to go in person to the store for their books correct? What times will the bookstore be open for students? Is it an appointment only for social distancing measures? 

While in person customer service is much easier, it is not required (especially for distance students!), and no appointment is needed although we are currently limiting the number of students allowed in the bookstore at a time. Please see the above process to order materials online.

For students who have opted out but what they need is a custom book Utica College (CHE 211, BIO 211, BIO 131/132...etc.), will students be able to purchase those materials? 

Yes, these materials are not locked from being searched on the website and can be ordered using the above process.

How do students go about getting access to their new books if they drop a class and add another between now and next Friday?

Digital materials will automatically correct within 24 hours of the add/drop. An email will be sent containing the link to the new book. Physical materials can take 24 hours to flow to the bookstore's ordering system at which point you will receive an email when your new materials are ready. Please bring any physical materials back to the store when you drop to avoid additional charges.

For an electronic book, do they need to go to the bookstore with their iPad (if they're freshmen)?  Do they need to provide proof of some kind showing that their schedule has been changed?  Will they be waiting for days/weeks for access to the new book(s)? 

No need to bring the iPad to the bookstore as there is no link between the iPad and the student's materials, again digital materials are automatically adjusted within 24 hours of any schedule changes. 

I have more questions, who do I talk to?

  • Questions about my billing:
    Student Financial Services: sfs@utica.edu or (315) 792-3179
  • Academic support questions:
    Student Success: studentsuccess@utica.edu or (315) 223-2555
  • Course material questions please reach out to: 
    Utica College Bookstore: bookst@utica.edu or (315) 792-3197
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