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UC's Center for Historical Research Hosts Symposium on Erie Canal

Commemorating Bicentennial of America's Waterway

Written by: Kelsey Carlo '18, PR Intern

On Saturday, Nov. 4, Utica College’s Center for Historical Research will host its sixth annual symposium, which will be on the Erie Canal, marking the bicentennial of America’s waterway.

The Erie Canal was significant in the history of New York State and the country. Crossing New York State from the Hudson River at Albany to Buffalo, the Erie Canal revolutionized transportation ad the state’s economy almost immediately. The canal also aided the spread of ideas such as abolitionism, utopianism, religion, and women’s rights. At the same time, however, the canal contributed to the dislocation of indigenous populations, the spread of disease, and decline of communications beyond the canal’s reach.

The symposium will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will be held in the Economic Crime, Justice Studies and Cybersecurity building. Registration is $25 for the interested public, which includes meals and reception. There is no charge for students.

Six presenters will discuss the history of the Erie Canal from diverse perspectives: cultural, economic, technological, environmental, and social. They will also create a sustained dialog to facilitate a greater understanding of the importance of the canal and the world through which it flowed.

The presenters include Craig Williams from New York State Museum; Pamela Vittorio, Independent Scholar; Ann Norton Greene from the University of Pennsylvania; Susan Brewer from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Points; John Busch, Independent Historian; and Bill Fahy and Craobh Dugan.

The Center for Historical Research has welcomed a variety of speakers as part of their ongoing mission to understand the historical condition and its global importance.

For more information, contact the Center for Historical Research at chr@utica.edu.

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