scholarly journal on gun control

UC Philosophy Prof Chris Riddle edits scholarly journal on gun control

Philosophers Take On Heated Topic on Right to Bear Arms

(07/16/2015) - Christopher A. Riddle, assistant professor and chair of philosophy and director of the Applied Ethics Institute at Utica College, has served as editor for a special issue of “Essays in Philosophy,” a scholarly biannual journal published by Pacific University. The issue focuses on philosophical discussions about the ethics of owning guns and the permissibility of regulating or restricting their ownership.

The six authors who contributed to the journal reside in four different countries, Riddle said, offering wide-ranging insights and points of view.

Riddle also wrote an essay for the journal, titled “On Risk and Responsibility: Gun Control and the Ethics of Hunting.”

“In my essay, I offer justification for gun control, suggesting that rights that involve mere preference satisfaction, such as the right to own a gun for hunting, should be trumped by others’ right to freedom from violent assault,” Riddle said.

In addition to Riddle, the authors are Michael Kocsis, Queens University; Timothy Hsiao, Florida State University; Howard Ponzer, Molloy College; C’Zar Bernstein, Oriel College, Oxford University; and Vincent Muller, Anatolia College/ACT.

Riddle earned his Ph.D. from Queen's University at Kingston. He specializes in Applied Ethics (especially philosophical issues arising from the experience of disability) and Social and Political Philosophy, in particular the Capabilities Approach.

He has conducted research at the Swiss Paraplegic Research Institute in Nottwil, Switzerland and has also advised for numerous national and international institutions, some of which include Health Canada, The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, The National Disability Authority of Ireland, and The International Development Committee of the Council of Canadians with Disabilities. For 2016 he is a Brocher Foundation Visiting Researcher in Geneva, Switzerland.

He has published in numerous journals, including the Journal of Social Philosophy; the American Journal of Bioethics; Medicine, Health Care, and Philosophy; Topoi; and Disability Studies Quarterly.

He is also the author of Disability & Justice: The Capabilities Approach in Practice (Lexington / Rowman & Littlefield, 2014) and the editor of From Disability Theory to Practice (Lexington / Rowman & Littlefield, 2015

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