Interplay of Cultural Narratives in Martinique

Psychology Professor R. Scott Smith co-authors book, "Interplay of Cultural Narratives in Martinique

Interplay of Cultural Narratives in Martinique

(08/24/2015) R. Scott Smith, professor of psychology at Utica College, co-authored a book titled “Interplay of Cultural Narratives in Martinique.”

The book, written by Smith and his wife Mahadevi Ramakrishnan, explores the journeys of French, African, and Indian cultures toward a pluralistic society on the island of Martinique. The book’s interdisciplinary study of cultural hybridization and adaptive emigration strategies provides insight into Martinican identity to help students understand the island’s nearly 400 years of complex history.

H. Adlai Murdoch, professor at Tufts University, praises the book for its effectiveness in capturing Martinique’s “hybrid and indeed multifaceted cultural identity.” He also adds what a valuable reading the book will be for scholars; specifically those studying Postcolonial, French, and the Caribbean.

Smith earned his Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from Duke University. He does extensive research in the areas of social ecology and psychology of cultural adaptation as well as community building and prejudice reduction. Smith joined the UC faculty in 1991.

“Interplay of Cultural Narratives in Martinique” was released by Caribbean Studies Press in May 2015. For more information, to read a sample, or to order the book, visit

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