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Computer Science Prof, Students Present at Statewide Conference

So What Exactly is "The Stuffer"?

Written by: Kelsey Carlo '18, PR Intern

Dr. Ronny L. Bull, assistant professor of Computer Science, alongside computer science students Sean Drzewiecki ’18 and Aaron Gudrian ‘18, presented at the Albany New York Hacking, Infosec & Cybersecurity Conference on June 16 and 17.
ANYCon is the first Hacker conference of its kind in Albany, NY. Drzewiecki and Gudrian spoke about “The Stuffer,” a utility which exploits the reserved bits and padding space of multiple layers of the TCP/IP protocol stack for covert data transfer between two or more networked systems. Dr. Bull spoke about VLAN hopping, ARP Poisoning and Man-In-The-Middle Attacks in Virtualized Environments.
Dr. Bull has had the privilege of presenting his research at multiple Infosec venues such as DEF CON, DerbyCon, BSides Roc, and HackCon Norway. He is also co-founder of the Central New York Intercollegiate Hackathon event, which brings together computer science students from regional colleges to compete against each other in offensive and defensive cybersecurity activities.
Drzewiecki is a current undergraduate student of computer science who also interns for North Point Defense. He also works as a System Administrator for the Utica College CS network developing hypervisor management tools and integrating with existing educational computer systems. Drzewiecki also has experience while volunteering as a Black Team Member for the Central New York Hackathon.
Gudrian is a current undergraduate of computer science with a concentration in computer security. He works as an intern for Par Government, providing systems support for research work at the Air Force Research Lab in Rome, NY. Gudrian has attended multiple Capture the Flag (CTF) events; including HSCTF, an introductory CTF game for high school students meant to introduce students to the world of computer science, and the Central New York Hackathon. “The Stuffer” is Aaron’s first major computer science project, and contribution to the information security community.
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You can also watch the presentations by Dr. Bull, Drzewiecki, and Gudrian at http://www.anycon.info

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