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CCTV America Features Utica College in Story on College Affordability

Anchor Karina Huber visits UC, speaks with VP Jeff Gates, students

CCTV America, an international news network with some 75 million viewers in the U.S. alone, visited UC in October


U.S. News: Some Colleges Choose to Slash, Freeze Tuition

A handful of states and private schools are curbing tuition hikes, and some are even lowering prices

UC President Laura Casamento spoke with U.S. News reporter Farran Powell recently about the college's bold move in resetting tuition


Washington Post: An update on Utica College's bold tuition strategy.

Washington Post reporter Danielle Douglas-Gabriel speaks with Jeffery Gates, vice president of student affairs and enrollment management, to see results of last year's tuition reset.


Fortune Magazine: How this college plans to cut tuition by 42%

Fortune Magazine reports on UC's tuition reset

"Reduce student costs without slashing the budget? Utica College has a plan to do the seemingly impossible."


Albany's CBS6: Utica College to Slash Tuition

Albany's CBS6: Utica College to Slash Tuition


ABC News: Why This New York College is Cutting Tuition by 42 percent

ABC News reporter Susanna Kim on how UC is going against the grain


Twitter Reacts to UC's Bold Move

UC's tuition reset earned lots of attention on Twitter. A collection of notable responses.


CNY Central: Reporter Brett Hall talks to students about tuition reset

CNY Central's Brett Hall reports live from UC's campus, talks tuition reset


Utica College Welcomes Largest Freshman Class in History, from The Observer-Dispatch

The Utica Observer-Dispatch reports on UC’s largest-ever freshman class.


Funding Headed to UC, Utica Rt. 5S Project and Roosevelt Park Project; from The Observer-Dispatch

Funding from Empire State Grant to support UC, downtown Utica; from the Utica Observer-Dispatch.


Lt. Governor Tours Downtown Utica, from WKTV

Dean of Business Dr. James Norrie talks to WKTV about the future of business in the Mohawk Valley


Young Scholars Present STEM Research, from CNY Homepage

Students from UC’s Young Scholars Program present STEM research; from CNY homepage

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