Utica College, County Health Department Conduct “POD” Exercise

Nurse Syringe Vaccine Shot Health POD Drill

Drill Simulates Public Health Emergency Response

In the event of a major outbreak of a life-threatening communicable disease, many people may need to be vaccinated very quickly.

Utica College has partnered with the Oneida County Health Department to run a public health emergency preparedness Point of Distribution (POD) exercise that will occur on Wednesday, Nov. 6, beginning at 9 a.m.

The exercise will simulate a communicable disease outbreak on campus and will test the Utica College and Oneida County DOH response. As part of the simulation, a total of 75 patient "volunteers" will receive their annual flu shot vaccination (simulating a communicable disease vaccination) at the Point of Distribution.

In the event of an outbreak of communicable disease, natural disaster or other emergency requiring immediate dispensing of medication, a POD would be activated, said Shad Crowe, director of Emergency Management at UC.

Patient-volunteers will report to the Point of Distribution (POD) location and receive the flu shot. The exercise will test triage, flow of patients, how quickly and efficiently patients can be vaccinated and then leave the premises.

Crowe said this is one of several emergency preparedness drills that Utica College conducts for faculty, staff and students throughout the year.

The POD will take place in the Carbone Family Auditorium in the Economic Crime, Justice Studies and Cybersecurity building on campus. The exercise is not open to the public.

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