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Please note: Out of an abundance of caution and based on the current evolving information about COVID-19, Utica College has temporarily converted all campus visits to a virtual format.

- Guided virtual tours are available upon request.

- Information about Orientation Programs is available on our Orientation Site

We are taking this temporary action to ensure the safety and well being of our visitors and the entire Utica College community. We will reassess this policy as circumstances change. We will keep you posted!

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Still from the film Being There with Peter Sellers.

Film Series: Being There

Macfarlane Auditorium
A melancholy and sophisticated satire in which a sheltered, simpleminded gardener, who knows little of the world apart from what he’s seen on television, innocently stumbles his way into the highest reaches of the American ruling class.
Kofi Antwi sitting on steps.

Leadership in Action: Kofi Antwi

Kofi Antwi, is an African American writer, English professor, and graduate of the Writers Foundry MFA Creative Writing program. He...

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