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“Capacity Building” in the Schoharie Valley: Why SALT matters
Date(s) 10/05/2012 - 2:15 p.m.
Location Willard Conference Room, DePerno Hall
Presenter Patrice W. Hallock, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Interim Chair of Education
Description “Capacity Building” in the Schoharie Valley: Why SALT matters

What positive effects can happen in a community after natural disaster strikes residents who are ill-prepared?  How does a rural community respond, and what does “capacity building” look like to bring recovery to an area devastated by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee?  These questions, and others, will be addressed by Professor Hallock, who is actively participating in the Schoharie Area Long Term (SALT) recovery process to bring renewal to the towns and people who live in the Schoharie river basin, from Prattsville to Esperance.

About Nexus
Nexus is a seminar series presented by the faculty at Utica College in which they discuss their research interests and scholarly pursuits. It is an opportunity for participants to explore new findings and viewpoints and share ideas with faculty, students, and the local community.

All lectures are held in Willard Conference Room, DePerno Hall. Refreshments are served at 2:15 p.m.; seminars begin at 2:30.
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